Work & Discussions 3 Work is in the first 2 Documents The other documents will assist with some assignments. (2 templates) Discussions: With at least1 reso

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Work & Discussions 3 Work is in the first 2 Documents The other documents will assist with some assignments. (2 templates) Discussions: With at least1 resource each

Week 1A:

What are some of the greatest barriers preventing our schools from meeting the educational goals for ELL students today? What recommendations are offered in your readings that address these barriers? Whom do you see as potential change agents for implementing these recommendations?

Week 1B:

Two-way dual immersion programs are gaining popularity in many states. As a future educator, what are your thoughts on this type of program for ELLs? What information from the assigned readings and videos support your opinion?

Week 2A
Why is it important for ELL teachers to be thoughtful about the elements of language within ELL instruction?

Week 2B:

What is the difference between language learning and language acquisition? Provide examples to support your explanation.

Week 3A:

How could being knowledgeable about your students’ backgrounds and cultures inform your instructional planning?

Week 3B:

How can demonstrating compassion, care, and empathy to the family build healthy relationships? What effect will this have on student well-being and success?

Week 4A:

Effective teachers do more than just go through the motions of writing their lesson content and language objectives on the board. Getting the students involved in thinking about the objectives is important. How would you get students involved in learning the lesson content and language objectives? Provide at least two ideas.

Week 4B:

With any type of new learning, students need practice and application of newly acquired skills to ensure mastery of content concepts. Describe two hands-on activities and identify materials, including manipulatives, to enable students to forge connections between abstract concepts and concrete concepts in a less language-dependent way.

Week 5A:

If you were utilizing a reading strategy among students with intermediate English proficiency, what specific guidelines would be critical for you to consider when planning the lesson?

Week 5B:

When assessing ELLs, teachers must use a variety of assessments in order to get the most accurate snapshot of academic and language progress. What are some ways teachers can assess students in the classroom to include reading and writing?

Week 6A:

Explore the National Center on Universal Design for Learning website, particularly noting the principles of UDL. How would employing these principles in lesson planning increase academic achievement of ELLs?

Week 6B:

Provide an example of a project, assignment, or in-class activity that could be used as a means of employing multiple assessments of ELLs. Why are multiple assessments important?

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