Week 4 2 Reply this peer 320 word count Brandi Fitez  Week 4 discussion COLLAPSE Top of Form 1. I like the paragraph format for the outline.

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Week 4 2 Reply this peer 320 word count

Brandi Fitez 

Week 4 discussion


Top of Form
1. I like the paragraph format for the outline. I have never done one of those before and I find it easier to organize my ideas. I am still working on completing it, but it will make it easier to format my paper once finished. Researching information for a particular topic can be difficult if it is too broad. I had to adjust my research question after doing preliminary research because my topic was too broad. Once I narrowed it down, it was easier to find information. I was surprised as to how many articles pertained to my topic and agreed with my stance on my argument. There are plenty of counterarguments which makes it easier to discuss both sides. I learned a lot of valuable information that will help me manage customers throughout my career.
2. I still need to complete my outline and my paper, but I am making progress. This has been a difficult month for me, but Dr. Fowler has provided guidance and assistance to me. A lot of the students liked my topic because who would have thought that firing a customer would be a good idea. I also discussed the topic with my managers and my teams, and they were intrigued. Most of them said customers are extremely important for our business so why would we fire them? Once I explained some of the reasons organizations choose to fire customers, they understood better and could see the argument from my perspective.
3. I am not sure the amount of writing that I will be doing in my future. However, I feel that research is always necessary before engaging in any type of debate or before making a final decision. If I am writing an email at work about an issue that needs attention, it requires research to ensure that all the right information is provided and that the issue is understood before emailing the proper authority that needs to investigate the issue. For example, just Monday I caught an employee stealing time. I did not address this issue with her, but rather sat down with the store director and went over timecards and watched four days’ worth of video to confirm what we believed to be true. After going over every detail and doing research, we both wrote statements and sent it into HR and employee relations. This class taught me how to navigate through data quickly to find the information I needed to write my statement.
4. I choose to take part in conversations that will improve the employee’s wellbeing and create positive work environments. I stride daily at work to ensure that all my employees are happy, feeling positive, motivated, excited, and ready to work. They feed off the positive energy I give out. I encourage them to learn more, and it motivates them. They know that the customers are important, and we must do everything in our power to make them happy. I choose to discuss just how important employees are to the organization. Once I reach my desired position at work, I will strive to improve the atmosphere and the way employees are treated. If the employees feel valued, they will be happy coming to work. Employees then will follow policies and procedures and will ensure that customers are taken care of to keep their jobs.
Bottom of Form

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