Week 3 Response 3 412 Re: Topic 3 DQ 1 Hello everyone,   The first group I chose to highlight is the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), this is a

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Week 3 Response 3 412 Re: Topic 3 DQ 1

Hello everyone,


The first group I chose to highlight is the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), this is a community of faith that grew from a movement called the “Restoration Movement” (Hemeyer, 2010). This is the only denomination chapter that began in America. Before the Civil War, there were religious thinkers that believed that the Bible taught us there was only one Christianity but there were many different churches. Many were not friendly, many arguments over church creeds and their structure, the Restoration Movement sought to end these differences. Individuals that were a part of the movement had a passion for unity, believing that the many divisions of the Christian Church was offensive to Jesus’s intentions for his followers. They believed unity could happen if everyone returned to the New Testament as their guide to faith, following it even to the smallest detail in the church government.

The Friends: The Religious Society of Friends aka “Quakers”, the way they got their name “Friends” comes from John 15:15 in the Christian New Testament, where Jesus states “I have called you friends,” (Hemeyer, 2010). The Quakers do not believe that the Bible is the complete revelation of God, they believe that revelation continues as the Holy Spirit speaks to person and groups through the scripture. An interesting fact, they believe each individual is born with the inner light, which is a measure of Christ’s own light and truth. This is also the reason individual conscience is inviolable. This is how individuals are able to receive guidance and direction by hearing God’s voice within them. Everyone no matter their gender, race, nationalities, sexual orientation, class, and age; are all equal before God.





Hemeyer, J. C. (2016). Religion in America (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. ISBN-13: 9781138188075

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Re: Topic 3 DQ 1

Good evening.

As an infant I was baptized Lutheran, which was my fathers’ religion. Even today as an adult, I know nothing about it except what I read in the book. I was not raised in a religious household. My mother grew up in a Catholic family (she is the youngest of seven children). As an adult she did not practice, but as I grew older, I noticed that my grandparents didn’t either. I never asked why, as I didn’t think that it was my place. I did attend church occasionally with friends, but it was as an adult that I came to have religion in my life. By most people’s standards, I am still a “baby” Christian. Most of my church experience has been from a Baptist standpoint. I didn’t know anything in terms of creeds or rituals but reading the Bible and participating in things such as the Lords Supper seemed normal. One thing that I have learned about the Lutheran church is that they emphasized doctrine and required an extensive education before being allowed to join the church, like the Catholic church, (Hemeyer, p. 58) .


Hemeyer, J. C. (2016). Religion in America (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. ISBN-13: 9781138188075 as retrieved on December 14, 2021 from https://www.gcumedia.com/digital-resources/taylor-and-francis-inc/2016/religion-in-america_7e.php

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