Week 3 Jan 9 2022 Nursing homework help

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This is a graded discussion: 50 points possible

due Jan 18

Week 3: Political Advocacy

Our focus on learning this week has been related to defining health care policy, invested stakeholders, and ways in which the practice scholar can advocate for change. As you consider the readings and learning activities this week, it is time to apply these activities to your proposed DNP Project. Answer the following questions as it relates to your DNP Project:

1. Have you met with the decision makers at the practicum site to determine the type of problem they are having and ways in which your project might be developed to address this problem? What was the outcome of this meeting?

2. Please share your proposed PICOT question in question format. Is this PICOT question likely to change in the future?

3. Describe the translation science model you will be using or are considering using as a part of your project.

4. What is the current priority you have for the development of your project and do you believe you have support for this project from the practicum site decision makers?

Please review the 
Graduate Discussion Grading Guidelines and Rubric  (Links to an external site.)
for complete discussion requirements.

When writing the assignment use as reference 3 scholarly resources not older than 5 years old with IN-text citation in APA format 7 edition.

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