Week 2 Discussion ACC578 Business & Finance homework help

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Due to the global demand for data analysis and detection services, Fortune 500 companies have hired hundreds of new certified fraud examiners (CFEs) to investigate the misappropriation of cash. Technological improvements to move money quickly have made verifying the existence of cash transactions complicated across all digital platforms. You are a newly certified fraud examiner (CFE) and this is your first fraud analysis and detection case. You are examining the data analysis and detection tools used by management when supervising posting of the cash transactions. You have found these to be informal and poorly devised.


Using the Internet or Strayer Library, research two articles concerning the embezzlement of cash through the use of a company’s information services system. 

  • Discuss at least two instances of recent embezzlement. 
  • Describe the cash controls that were lacking or circumvented. 
  • Describe appropriate controls that might have prevented the fraud. 
  • Support your plan with examples and provide a rationale. 
  • Respond substantively to at least two additional posts.

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