Week 04b Racism as Psychology Follow direction own story of me Week 04b Racism as Psychology – Session Slides (Links to an external site.) Ret

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Follow direction own story of me 

Week 04b Racism as Psychology –

Session Slides

(Links to an external site.)

Returning to this map of Seattle redlining, please note that the map was drawn in 1936. Now consider the map below from GreatSchools.org. This map reflects where all the “great schools” in Seattle are in 2020. These maps and schools ratings are included on websites such as Zillow, Redfin, and Realtor.com which are the most searched real estate websites today.

Great Schools (2020) Seattle.png

GreatSchools.org has a named commitment to educational equity and says that its school quality score is based on “test scores, college readiness, and equity data.” Please note, however, that the strongest predictor of which schools will be “high quality” are the schools that are in blue and green areas from the 1936 housing map. That is, racial segregation in 1936 is the best predictor of schools being described as “high quality” in 2020.

What is the impact of housing segregation on students? Please watch the following video from Hsu (2015) interviewing students in New York City about their experience of race and racism.

Then please take two minutes to journal and reflect on: How would you describe culture and race in these students’ experiences? What’s the water for them? What does justice look like for them? Ethnically? Racially? What do our future students and schools need for justice?

And now balance the shelf resource (Hsu, 2015) with your own self stories. How did race and racism come up for you in your schooling experience? What windows and mirrors came up for you in watching Hsu (2015)? Was it through stereotypes and jokes? Being followed, ignored, or neither?

Post what you are ready to share and respond respectfully to others.


Hsu, J. (2015). Being 12: ‘People think I’m supposed to talk ghetto, whatever that is.’ WNYC.org.


McKay, A. (2018). The problem with “Great Schools.” Medium.com. https://medium.com/s/story/the-problem-with-great-schools-69b4ef4f5079

(Links to an external site.)


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