Unit Plan Development 1 BRAINSTORM Need by: Friday, March 4, 2022 Please refer to attached documents for further instruction! EDU 573: Instructional Metho

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Need by: Friday, March 4, 2022

Please refer to attached documents for further instruction! 

EDU 573: Instructional Methods

Daily Math Lesson Plan- Development Part I

Taya Hervey-McNutt

Dr. Hau Nguyen – Course Instructor

Strayer University

January 26, 2022

Lesson Plan-Daily Math Lesson

Teacher’s Name Professor Allen

Date of Lesson 14-02-2022

Time of Lesson 10:05 a.m.

Subject The concept is Single subjected; Observation.

Factors that can affect
what you can teach

The first factor is class size. The classroom is small, which
makes it very convenient to teach the subject. The small class
size will help increase student engagement and make them
have a higher ability to adapt to educational and intellectual
challenges that they will likely face.
The next factor is time. Over the years, it has been deduced
that the time of the day significantly impacts students’
achievement. The selected time is suitable as it matches their
scores and learning style preferences.
The other factor is space. Students will be placed at a safe
distance from one another to ensure they are in a tidy and
clean environment, which will make them more focused and
have motivation towards the lesson.

Class Demographics

There are 402 students. Their average age is six years. There
are a total of 218 girls and 184 boys. On average, the
economic status of the students in the middle.

The ability levels of the students are as follows: visual
learners, auditory learners, writing learners, and kinesthetic

The school setting is learner-centered. This is the case since
the learning institution assesses students’ needs, for instance,
allowing students to create their own meaning according to
the previous knowledge.

A brief summary of the schedule is 8:20-9:00 as arrival time,
9:25 clean up, 10:00 – 10:45 math talk, and 10:45 to 11:00,
individual/partner work, 11:15 dismissal.

The teachers’ qualities include love for their work, creativity,
flexibility, patience, sense of humor, and compassion.

Three potential
advantages to teaching
this mix of students.

In this environment, teachers mix students with mixed
abilities, which allows them to learn and accept their
A teacher will have an easy time placing the students into
discussion groups or engaging the class in the discussion
because each student has their own perspective on things.
The high-level students can assist lower-level learners by
encouraging and modeling them.

Two potential challenges
to teaching this mix of

Teachers face the challenge of teaching effectively because
they will be required to know every student’s ability and
identify a suitable way of teaching them.

It is possible that teachers may feel out of touch with the
learners when they post negatively unintended outcomes.


● The time to teach
this lesson.

● Classroom

● How this lesson
plan fits into either
a single-subject
curriculum or
connects as an

1. The lesson will be taught at 10:05 a.m. Usually, students
tend to be better focused on learning at this time of the day.
This is normally the time when many institutions give
important learning tasks. This is also the time when many
institutions issue significant tests to their kindergarten

2. The classroom resource will be a science lab where they
will have access to scientific tools to help them during the
scientific inquiry process; this is, observing, measuring, and
recording their outcomes. Examples of the scientific tools
required are the thermometer, magnifying scale, and
measuring tape.

3. The lesson plan fits into an interdisciplinary plan. The
lesson plan combines lessons in different disciplines around
one theme. Different ideas related to a common theme are
assimilated, and they are then taught to students.

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