Unit 10 Db#1 + 2 Responses/////// And 100 Words Rephrase There are three parts to this request. 1. I need initial post to DB. 2. Respond to 2 of my class

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Unit 10 Db#1 + 2 Responses/////// And 100 Words Rephrase There are three parts to this request.

1. I need initial post to DB.

2. Respond to 2 of my classmates posts

3. Rephrase 100 words and provide me with turnitin.com report. Needs to show less than 10%.

There are several trends in IT and computing that might present challenges in the future. For example, quantum computing might be able to break encryption keys.

Topic 1: Biggest Changes

What do you think will be the biggest changes in computers and cybersecurity in the next decade? Please use outside research to back up what you say and be sure to cite your sources. More growth in security industries. Our numbers of new products and new years mergers and acquisitions will cause network complexity issues and integration problems and overwhelm cyber teams .There will be a huge security impact in the coming year from moving from work to home fueled by Covid-19. More attacks will occur on home computer’s and networks, with bad actors even using home offices as criminal hubs by taking advantage of unpatched systems and architecture weaknesses. Advance persistent threats attacks will be wildly available for criminal network’s. The dark web will allow criminals to buy access into more sensitive cooperate networks.

The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning will be one of the biggest changes in cyber security in the next decade. Automation has made giant strides in many other industries, and this is no different. Threat actors will use any resource available to them to attack, and as soon as a reliable AI attack is available, it will be in use. It is vital that the security gets ahead of the threat and develops AI for penetration testing, intrusion detections, and prevention. This especially true with the rate of growth of networks as the IoT grows. As complex as things are now, I can’t imagine what the security environment will look like in ten years are more washing machines and refrigerators are added to networks and firmware isn’t updated.
Stone, M. (2021, November 2). The future of cybersecurity: What will it look like in 2031? Security Intelligence. Retrieved November 27, 2021, from https://securityintelligence.com/articles/future-of-cybersecurity-2031/.

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