Tourism management, forum Please visit: 1) 2) https://travel

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Tourism management, forum Please visit: 1)

After visiting #3 and checking the impact of tourism for different regions in the USA, please discuss shortly how will the industry recover? Make sure to make more searches to backup your points. There are lots of articles nowadays regarding the recovery of tourism industry globally.

NO REFERENCES NEEDED Economic Impact of Tourism

Three Major Goals of Tourism(Goeldner’s text Ch-14)
Maximize psychological experience for tourists
Maximize profits for firms providing goods and services to tourists
Maximize direct (primary) and indirect (secondary) impacts of tourist expenditures on a community or region
These goals are often compatible but in certain situations can be incompatible.

Constraints Faced in
Tourism Goal Attainment
Supply of attractive resources
Technical and environmental constraints
Time constraints
Legal constraints
Self-imposed constraints
Lack of knowledge
Limits on supportive resources

Economic Multipliers
Direct Effect
Result from visitors spending money in tourist enterprises and providing a living for the owners and managers and creating jobs for employees
Indirect Effect
The multiplier impact: visitor spending circulates and recirculates
Employment Multiplier
Income Multiplier

The Power of Travel

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