The Great Fashion Designers Term Project Part B i need my floor plan re done and to show sections for tom ford and Christian dior instead of valentino and

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i need my floor plan re done and to show sections for tom ford and Christian dior instead of valentino and jean pual 

Part B: Store floor Layout and Display of each designer department
You are responsible for:
For both apparel and accessories, you will create a department for each of the designers.
1. Preparing the store layout and display featuring contemporary garments and accessories
which were inspired by each of the great designers you are featuring.
You will stock each department with clothing and accessories from current collections of contemporary designers and brands that are inspired by that particular designer. Each department will have 20 products including garments and accessories (3 designer depts., 20 products each, a total 60). One is not to use the original designer products, Haute Couture or Made to Measure.

Running Head: Layout 1

Layout 6

Term project part B

The Great Designers in Fashion


The overall layout of my store is one with good ambiance. All of the departments are very well adjusted according to the names of the brands. There is a lofty feeling of the boutique as well. There is an extensive layout space with very good lighting so that the consumers can have a proper look at all the dresses and accessories. There is a wooden floor with shiny polishing (Maureen Mitton, 2016). When you enter the shop, there will be a register on the left side corner. Then there is also a sitting area so that the customers can sit there while the others are trying clothes in the Tryon room. There are rustic walls with very good quality wallpaper with the pictures of women in France to bring out the French fell as well as in our festival departments we display pictures of the designers most famous collections .


Jean-Paul Gautier DEPARTMENT

Rei Kawakubo












Valentino Department:

As it can be seen in the diagram above, there is the Valentino shelf where the clothes are hung according to the prices. The ones with low prices from the left side to the high prices one to the right. There is bright yet ambient light set up on the shelf so the customers can have a look at true colors. There are the prices mentioned on the shelves of each product as well. On the Valentino shelf’s front side, there is a sitting area so people can have some rest there.

Jean-Paul Gautier Department:

The following layout has been followed for Jean-Paul. There is a mannequin display in the middle of the department so the customers can have a better idea of how garments look on the human form. The mannequins also have accessories displayed on them. There are five clothes spin racks overall where the clothes have been displayed for the consumers on the left and right side. They all have price tags on them for the ease of the customers. Then there is the fitting room on the right end corner as well.

Rei Kawakubo Department

The Rei Kawakubo department is on the right side of the store; next to it is the trying room. On the left side of the department, there is the sitting area where the customers can sit and examine the garments around them and rest their feet. The department is decorated with warm lights so the people can see clearly and highlight the intricate details in the garments. Then there are the floral lights as well. There are four mannequins in the department where the clothes are displayed. There are two multi-level display tables where garments will be displayed .










Image result for clothing store merchandising

(, 2021)

Example Rai Layout

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