T/X Shaped Skills Assignment Regarding T/X shaped skills assignment this is what you need to do 1)As- Is Skills : You need to document your current skills

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Regarding T/X shaped skills assignment this is what you need to do

1)As- Is Skills : You need to document your current skills – either I, T or X shaped skills (PPT, WORD, SPREADSHEET, SCREENSHOT) – make sure you write down all your skills. You may also want to rate them on a scale

2)To-be skills : You need to document what skills you want to develop for the future.It can be T or X shaped skills. Ideally I want you all to be X shaped people. If you say you want an improvement on your as-is skills rating would be good.

Note: I have given what a T shaped skills looks like for a Business Analysis and what an X-shaped skill would look like for a Project manager. These are guidelines on how you want to document for yourself.

Note: skills as logistics management

Project Leadership, Project Kickoffs, Reporting Tools, Risk Management, Task Management, Quality Management, Negotiating, Scheduling, Develop Strategies, performance improvement, Program Management, System Selection & Implementation, Conflict Resolution, Budget Tracking, Project Analysis, Project Report, Agile, Scrum, Planning and Control, Technical Skills, PM Tools, Documentation Development, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Time Management, Team Building, Team Performance Improvement, Manage Team Work, Technical Writing, Technical Tools Learning, Reporting and Visualization Skills, Scrum Meetings, Collaborating, Project Management Software, people management skills, project communication, Kanban, Lean & Six Sigma, IT Domain Knowledge, Gap Analysis, Risk Analysis, Data Analysis, Organizational Design, Roadmaps, Jira Software, Agile Mindset, Sprint Planning, SQL, Deploy and manage Tableau.





Project Management, IT Consulting, Management Consulting, Lead Team, Research & Gather Technical/Business Requirement, Understanding Business Strategies, Strategy Planning, Statement of Work Development, Software Implementation, Project Planning, Project Scope, Breaking Down Projects, Project Framework, Process Management, Relationship Management, Business Environment Analysis, Stakeholder Management, Team Capability, Team Role Awareness, Project Management Methodologies, Software Development Methodologies, RFP/RFI/RFQ Process, General Planning Skills, Marketing, Project Modelling, Project management tools & techniques, Breadth (not depth) in specific application/industry knowledge, Life cycle management, provide vision, coach/mentor Team, Create the right environment, Design Thinking, Team Support, Solution Design Planning, IT Service Management, Market Segment Process, Case Studies in PM, Focus Strategy, ITIL Framework, Scrum Values and Planning,
Team Operation, Communication, Leading and Managing Team, Feedbacks, Have Patience, PMP Certifications, Goal Tracking, Activity Tracking, Run better Meetings, Organization, Prioritization, Detail orientated, Active Listening, Team orientated, Adaptable, Responsible, Strong Work Ethic, Visionary, Creativity, Research, Documentation, Self-regulation, Interpersonal Skills, Detail orientated.
Critical Thinking, Innovative, Maintain PMP Certifications, Pro-active, can-do attitude, Aptitude; flexibility and ability to adapt to change and cultural realities, Open mindedness, Confidence and commitment, Ability to influence and win respect, Practice self-discipline.

Project Management

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