Stressors That Affect Time Management See attachment Paper Instructions The first step in dealing with stress is to identify the contributing factors. Bri

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See attachment

Paper Instructions

The first step in dealing with stress is to identify the contributing factors. Briefly describe two stressors that you face in your professional life that interfere with your ability to manage time effectively. Explain the cause of these stressors and how they impact your life and time management. Please be specific in your explanations.

Explain at least three tips and include the ways you can use them in your life to better handle your stress and better manage your time.

Conclude your reflection paper with what you learned about yourself through this process.

Your complete reflection paper must be at least two pages in length. Adhere to APA Style when constructing this assignment, including in-text citations and references for all sources, if used.

My Two Stressors

1. Time wasters-I waste a lot of time attending multiple meetings that could have been an email. Because of the multiple meetings each day and the amount of time spent in these meetings, I am not able to get to my day-to-day duties or any projects.

2. Last-minute deadlines-My higher echelon has a habit of sitting on projects until it’s close to the deadline and sending them to us at the last minute demanding they be completed immediately. This is very stressful and happens more often than it should.

Three Tips to Overcome Stress

1. Make a list of tasks for each day and prioritize that list; this is commonly referred to as a to-do list. Many PCs and smartphones offer task applications to make electronic lists.

2. Keep a calendar accessible at all times. List all appointments, meetings, and tasks on your personal electronic or traditional calendar.

3. Avoid time wasters. Time wasters are small activities that take up only a small amount of time but are done more frequently than you may realize. These include unnecessary visiting or inappropriate activities such as personal texting or participating in social networking.

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