Revision need help with revising my paper. having trouble with the APA format. I have uploaded some information on the topic. my citations seem to be off,

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need help with revising my paper. having trouble with the APA format. I have uploaded some information on the topic. my citations seem to be off, also need stronger arguments.

Michael Rickman


Equality makes us stronger as a nation discrimination has no place in our military. Since early 1993, the military had a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy which meant that gays and lesbians could not be open about their sexual preference. Disclosing their sexual orientation or same-sex relationship to other service members could result in being discharged from active duty. The military has always been strict; over the years, as times change, so do the policies for the for our servicemen and women. It has taken many years for our men and women serving in the military to get used to the idea of gay and lesbians serving in the same uniform. Fast-forward to current times, where we now have a larger category for the LGB to LGBTQ+. We now have transgenders wanting the same opportunity with joining the armed forces, which had been a political nightmare and a civil rights issue. In March of 2018, president Trump had banned transgender from joining the military; as you can imagine, this created a huge wave of issues (Manuel, 2020). This stirs up a concern on why transgender individuals should be included in the military regardless of their sexual status. This assignment provides a persuasive argument on the grounds of inclusivity, meaning that anyone who qualifies to do their assigned duties and perform their job with zero issues, should be given a chance regardless of their sexual status.

For a long period, transgender men and women have been denied the opportunity to serve in the military even though it is a privilege and fulfilling to serve the nation and protect its people. For instance, in 2018, former President Donald Trump issued an order to ban transgender individuals from joining and serving the military. This devastating order saw approximately 15,000 active troops working day and night to execute and protect the nation leave their jobs (Manuel, 2020). This was uncalled for because as the country advances, every corner of the nation and state is shifting towards equality and inclusion. There are many benefits with Transgenders in the military, for example Cate McGregor was the first highest ranking transgender military officer to serve in the Australian armed forces. This just goes to show that it doesn’t matter your sexual status and that Transgender men and women should be allowed to serve the military because, according to the American constitution, any American that meets the current medical and readiness standards should be allowed to serve the military regardless of their gender or sexual preference. There is a culture shock surrounding sexual harassment, discrimination, favoritism, and most recently, how to deal with the new guidelines with transgender joining our military. Therefore, it makes it necessary to research and discuss fully transgender people and why they should be included in the military and other industries regales of their sexual orientation.

The LGBTQ community has had to overcome many obstacles, including sexual trauma, poor mental health, and the overall stigma of the anti-LGBTQ crowd, among other issues According to a Battle Won For LGBTQ+ Rights by Douglas, members of the LGBTQ community are just as equal and qualified to serve in today’s military as anyone else.. As it is, transgender men and women do not have a place in the military because of their sexual orientation. This can be evident through president Trump’s 2018 actions when he banned them from serving in the military. It meant that transgender individuals did not have a place in the military (Douglas, 2020). Douglas uses his article to help us understand and get a glimpse of The LGBTQ community that has had to overcome many obstacles, including sexual trauma, poor mental health, and the overall stigma of the anti-LGBTQ crowd, among other issues. We currently live in a society that believes and promotes the stigma is that only “men” are fit to join the ranks of our military. However, it should be understood that if individuals can perfectly execute their duties and responsibilities with no question, then there should be no issue with who joins.

Today, new guidelines and standards have been launched in the military to allow the troops to follow. There is such a small percentage of transgender individuals serving in the military it doesn’t have a big impact on readiness. According to Ritz’s article Name, Rank And Gender: The Service Of Transgender Troops Has Become The Military’s Most Controversial Issue, transgender troop members who transition from one gender to the other faces a rough time transitioning. In the article, Ritz emphasizes the struggle that service members undergo during the transition (Ritz, 2019). One of the struggles was pronouns and how it was difficult for most to get on the same page. It was challenging to shift from referring to the member as ‘she’ to ‘he’; however, there was no significant impact on unit cohesion or operational readiness even though a percentage of the service members had a rough time getting used to this new concept. This personal story illustrates and represents the rough time that transgender service members have because of their sexual orientation. Therefore, it is evident that the new guidelines and standards can drastically affect military readiness if held onto the latter.

Including transgender individuals in military service is a plus for the American government because it ensures that the military has more people who strengthen the various military ranks. When President Trump banned transgender servicemen from serving the military because they are a burden because of the medical costs, more than 15000 servicemen lost their military jobs due to the ban (Manuel, 2020). According to President Trump, the military should focus on decisive and overwhelming victory and not the burden of tremendous medical costs and issues that transgender people have. However, Trump did not understand that transgender men and women are ready and true to the course of serving their country. If the American government would have had the 15000 service members serving, it would work tremendously better for the military, at a lower cost than recruiting and training straight servicemen for replacement. People should be given job opportunities and capacities of service based on their abilities and skills and not their sexual orientations.

Many people are interested in joining the military, while there are those currently serving the military but having a hard time adjusting. It is all about every service member keeping an open mind. As Mark et al. (2019) illustrate in their article the health and well-being of LGBTQ serving and ex-serving personnel, anyone who identifies themselves in the LGBTQ category will encounter a tougher time in the military than most (Mark et al. 2019). Most transgender service members encounter issues of mental health, sexual assault, and segregation. These types of traumas can have a long-lasting effect on someone. By using military health experts and the studies that have been conducted on the effects of LGBTQ service members, it is evident that transgender people face stigma and prejudice during their service.

Therefore, as transgender servicemen and women join the military or those with a desire to join the military plan themselves on doing the same, they should always be prepared and ready to face all the stigma, prejudice, discrimination, and all sorts of inequality prevalent in the military service. First, it would be essential for interested parties and those already serving the military to find copies of the new guidelines and standards, read them, and understand their requirements. By doing so, they will have a leeway of staying in the military based on their merits and qualifications as stipulated under the standards. Secondly, as the military keeps on changing from time to time, transgender service members need to stay updated with the changes and work towards attaining every standard put in place.

In conclusion, people need to understand no matter how you identify yourself; if you have the will and dedication, you can accomplish just about anything. The military should uphold equality and inclusivity among servicemen and women. All Americans can serve in any position and capacity based on their qualifications and skills, regardless of their sexual orientations. Discrimination, prejudice, stereotypes, and sexual harassment are prevalent in the military, especially in transgender service members. Therefore, they need to get acquainted with the new guidelines and standards to be better placed while pursuing their dream careers. The government should also work towards developing policies to protect and safeguard all military servicemen and women.


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