RESEARCH PLAGIARISM Page 1: title page Page 2: Two big thesis rhetorical statement and answer the prompt. Page 3: Counterargument Page 4: Examples fr

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Page 1: title page 

Page 2: Two big thesis rhetorical statement and answer the prompt. 

Page 3: Counterargument 

Page 4: Examples from higher up people that plagiarized. Plagiarism people examples – why it is important, what does it achieve.

Page 5: Personal example in school or I witnessed.

Page 6: at least one word on page 6th

Page 7: Reference has to pass 7th page a little 

Please read over sample please. Professor provided it and shed like the writing format sort of like this. 

Essay Draft #1 Instruction Guide

UHD ENG 1301

Dr. Dawn J. Bradford, Room S1068

The purpose of this Instruction Guide is to give you instructions that will facilitate your Writing Assignment. The Writing Assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to develop an essay that analyzes data and represents your analysis of that data in a factual argumentative structure. Based on your analysis, you will produce claims and evidence that support your factual argument. You will synthesize the evidence presented in your factual argument in a manner that addresses the rhetorical question: Should the Colleges and Universities in the Unites States have plagiarism penalty policies?

The objective for Essay #1 is to be able to argue your position by identifying your audience, stating a clear thesis, using appropriate definitions when necessary, stating claims based on your research and experience, and stating reliable factual evidence to support your claims. You are also required to craft what I call a “compelling conclusion” that causes your audience to be persuaded to behave and think differently because of your effective rhetoric.


In-Class Practice Activities

1. Participate in class activities that will help you shape your position on the rhetorical question.

a. Analyze the Concannon vs Lego caption.

b. Analyze the external data from the Concannon vs Lego Lawsuit

c. Or Analyze the external data from the Former First Ladies Michelle Obama and Melania Trump speech that can be found on this link:

d. Engage in breakout sessions that help you to gather rhetorical strategies from your classmates.

2. Ask clarifying questions about ways your classmates analyzed the artifacts used for class discussions.

3. Write notes about the in-class practice activities that will help you with crafting your essay.

Essay Development Activities

1. Use your personal experience, our UHD plagiarism policy, and the plagiarism quizzes to help you craft a working definition of plagiarism.

2. Develop a rhetorical thesis that states your position on the rhetorical question Should the Colleges and Universities in the Unites States have plagiarism penalty policies?

3. Support your thesis with details from claims, evidence, and warrants.

4. Analyze your research sources that include, but are limited to the following:

a. The Turnitin plagiarism chart that can be found attached to this post.

b. The NY Times article that can be found on this link: NY Times Plagiarism Article.

c. At least one reliable source you research on your own that you plan to cite in your essay.

5. Make sure you include in-text citations from your sources that support your argument and your counterargument, with your argument being central to your essay.

6. Be sure to identify your audience and appeal to your audience throughout your essay.

7. Write a 5 full-page draft essay that synthesizes your thesis and supporting details.

Essay Format and Submission Requirements

1. You may have as many paragraphs as you need to get your message across, but limit you draft to 5 full pages (at least one word on page 6).

2. Your essay should be double-spaced, black color, 12 font, Times New Roman or Courier.

3. Include an MLA style formatted Works Cited page as the last separate page of your essay (page 7+).

4. Be sure to format your in-text citations using MLA style formatting.

5. Be sure to format your Works Cited page using MLA style formatting.

6. Place the proper MLA style course heading in the header section of your document.

7. Submit your final essay on BBL by the posted deadline.


· Ability to present a focused and persuasively appealing argument

· Ability to present factual claims and evidence that are based on analysis of sources

· Ability to take a stance and support that stance cohesively throughout the essay

· Ability to craft an error-free essay

· Ability to appropriately cite works introduced in the essay (in-text citations) using the MLA format style

· Ability to craft an MLA formatted Works Cited page

A 100-90

B 89-80

C 79-70

D 69-60

F 59- below

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