Remote And Distributed Management All posts must be a minimum of 250 words. APA reference. 100% original work. no plagiarism. Please read the attached cas

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Remote And Distributed Management All posts must be a minimum of 250 words. APA reference. 100% original work. no plagiarism.

Please read the attached case study detailing the need for a distributed remote management  in one application.  Use this to frame the answer to the following question.


It’s critical to monitor the services on your network.  If any part of the network is down the network manager needs to be notified right away.   We also need to monitor the health of the network and to foresee problems and proactively attend to the network.  Perform some research on the Internet and find one monitoring application and provide a summary about its capabilities.  This monitoring application can be open source or a commercial based application. IPSec provides remotely-delivered managed security services.

When IPSec’s customers entrust them with the management, monitor-
ing and maintenance of their information security solutions, they expect
that the company knows the operational condition of their environment
at all times. Should the primary communication path become unavail-
able, IPSec requires a backup method to ensure it can reach its service
level agreement objectives.

When outages occur, IPSec workers have needed to physically attend
the customer’s data center to assist in resolving any issues. This re-
quires personnel travel to perform basic diagnostic functions, delaying
the time to resolution and increasing costs.

Their Challenges:
Create a redundant path for reliable connectivity with solutions
managed and monitored by IPSec
Gain remote access to offline systems in distant locations
Reduce costs associated with personnel travel for basic diagnostic
Honor client service agreements while improving the value offered
to clients

Utilizing Opengear’s Smart OOB™ solutions featuring embedded cel-
lular capabilities has provided IPSec with very affordable out-of-band
access for redundant management paths and increased IT Resilience.





Information Security

Customer Profile:
IPSec specializes in information asset security,
providing technological expertise in how to
mitigate risk to business by implementing end-
to-end solutions that protect invaluable intelli-
gence, data and information. The company acts
as a guardian of business confidence, providing
high level protection and optimal assurance
of an organization’s security posture. Based in
Australia, IPSec works with all industry verticals
and supports assets of customers with an inter-
national presence.

Provide reliable backup connectivity in the
form of a redundant path for solutions man-
aged and monitored by IPSec

Render maintenance personnel travel costs
and time expenditures unnecessary

Maintain IPSec’s connections to clients world-
wide via secure cellular out-of-band

Opengear Solution:
IPSec has utilized Opengear solutions with
embedded cellular to provide an affordable
out-of-band redundant management path.

Cellular out-of-band connections ensure
connectivity with remote client sites

Maintenance and diagnostics are now
performed remotely, saving time and money
as personnel no longer need to travel to
remote sites

IPSec considers Opengear solutions a key
piece of their future remote management

Opengear Keeps Information Security Technology Connected and Data
Protected Even During Communication Outages

“IPSec frequently encounters situations where remote access to devices
cannot rely on the customer’s Internet service and could lose the ability to
communicate with solutions it has responsibility for. When IPSec investigat-
ed ways of achieving effective out-of-band (OOB) management it identified
Opengear’s range of IP to Serial devices, with 4G wireless Internet access, as
a very cost effective method of achieving OOB management.”

– Benjamin Robson
Director of Operations


© 2015 Opengear, Inc.

© 2015 Opengear, Inc.



IPSec deployed Opengear products within its customers’ IT environments to provide
redundant paths of communication to the devices under its management. Utilizing
Opengear’s remote management technology — with out-of-band embedded cellular
capabilities — allows IPSec to provide a level of confidence to customers that would
otherwise require more expensive secondary communication paths. To that end,
Opengear allows IPSec to perform diagnostics checks quickly in the event of critical
communication failures, without needing personnel to visit locations.

IPSec has used Opengear for over five years (including IM, CM, & ACM product fam-
ilies) with consistently positive experiences. They consider their Opengear solutions
a very stable and fit-for-purpose technology.

IPSec has been particularly impressed with the reliability and flexibility of the
Opengear implementations. With the more recent introduction of 4G networking,
they view Opengear solutions as critical to their future plans for managed services.

Additional benefits to IPSec and their customers include:
Greater trust and reliability that information protected by IPSec remains secure
Improved business confidence and trust as clients know IPSec is doing its job
even during primary connection outages
Diagnostics and maintenance are performed quickly remotely
In an industry all about assurance, IPSec is secure in its position as an al-
ways-on service

“Since adopting the use of Opengear’s
IP to Serial devices in 2009, IPSec has
come to rely on the robust engineering,
security and flexibility of Opengear’s
OOB management solutions and has
had excellent experiences with their
technical support team.”

– Benjamin Robson
Director of Operations


Opengear IM7200 Infrastructure
Management Benefits:

About Opengear:

Founded in 2004, Opengear delivers
next generation intelligent solutions for
managing critical IT and communications
infrastructure. Opengear smart solutions
equip our customers’ networks with smart
automation and bulletproof resilience,
enabling them to optimize technical op-
erations and secure business continuity.
The company is headquartered in Sandy,
Utah, has R&D operations in Australia and
sales offices in Europe and USA.

USA Head Office
630 West 9560 South, Suite A
Sandy, UT 84070
+1 888 346 6853

Australian Office
Benson House, Suite 44
2 Benson Street
Toowong QLD 4066
+61 7 3871 1800

EMEA Office
Herschel House
58 Herschel Street
Slough, SL1 1PG, UK
+44 20 8133 4255

Complete and comprehensive out-of-band management with Smart OOB™.

Built-in TFTP server & 16GB flash storage for remote configuration

Internal 4G LTE modem and Failover to Cellular™ enables network resilience

Top of rack deployment to monitor, access and control network, server and power infra-
structure, even during network outages

Military-spec security, FIPS 140-2 validated encryption, stateful firewall, & OpenVPN

Environmental and physical sensor alarm notification via SMS, SNMP or Nagios

Automatically detect and recover from network outages and repair equipment faults

Minimize MTTR and increase MTBF.
Proactive problem identification,
quick notification and automated
remediation reduce operating and
downtime costs

Ensure uninterrupted availability.
Transparent automatic failover and
always-on Smart OOB access keep
the business up and running

Understand everything that affects
uptime. Monitor and control virtually
everything, including the physical
environment, prevent disruptions

Increase efficiency and reduce
human error. Equip every rack with
virtual remote hands in lights-out
data centers and colocation cages

Leverage existing tools and work-
flow. Integrates with standard
management tools and existing

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