Reading Assignment The Clockwork Orange Tyler Claytreia 3 Claytreia Tyler Professor: Shea Montgomery English:2110.07 September 21, 2021 A Clockwork Oran

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Reading Assignment The Clockwork Orange Tyler Claytreia
Claytreia Tyler
Professor: Shea Montgomery
September 21, 2021
A Clockwork Orange

There is the possibility of redemption for Alex only if he is willing to change the old way. According to the behavioral theory that most psychiatrists use during the treatment process, behavior is learned through exposure to the environment (Kazantzis et al., 349). The aversion therapy used by the government could have been considered as part of behavioral theory. In this regard, Alex can learn new behavior when he receives assistance from a professional such as a psychiatrist. They work together to overcome the new challenge that is a result of lifestyle transformation. According to the novel, Alex had transformed before he was reconditioning by the doctor who found him beaten and abandoned to die. Still, when he discovers he was the one that killed his wife, he reconditions Alex to his old habit. Therefore, there is a big chance of redemption for Alex.
Toward the end of the novel, Alex is a changed man. He becomes harmless when he is released from prison. The doctors in prison did a remarkable job of assisting Alex to reform the old habit that left him harmless. When he is attacked by his drool, who have become policemen, he can defend himself. It is unusual since Alex could have acted on them so that real Alex could have derived pleasure from seeing them suffer, but instead, he could protect himself (Kubrick et al., 1972). Therefore, they beat him and abandoned him in an old building to die. Before he becomes rescued by alexander would is unable to recognize Alex.
Alex’s action of not defending himself or trying to inflict pain on the people who attacked him can be considered a sign of reform in Alex’s behavior. Since from the beginning of the novel, Alex was people that derives pleasure by inflicting pain on others. Alex desired to do things thinks that is the reason he did not try to defend himself since maybe he was disgusted by what could have happened after what he could have done. Maybe he was afraid of his past that the reason he could not defend himself. I think the past that haunted him was the one that pushed him to try to commit suicide.
I can believe that Alex has turned to a new leave. When he was released from prison, the authors state that his behavior conditioning left Alex harmless and defenseless. Mr. Alexander is unable to recognize Alex to his appearance. Maybe the behavior that made him sympathetic when he learned of teenager aversion therapy, which is a therapy that entails repeat blend unwanted behavior with distress (Elkins et al. 182). It made him interested in publicizing the story to turn public opinion (Kubrick et al., 1972). I feel that Alex has reformed a lot. The new identity of Alex can be seen to be different to paint that makes Alexandra interested in public the story that could have made the public have a different opinion about the government. Still, his plan failed when he realized who the real Alex was making to plan for another way that he can be able to use alan to attack the government. I think if he could have published the story, the people’s opinion could not have changed. Instead, the people could have supported the activities of the government and even encouraged it more. Alex could have been used as an example by the government to illustrate their effort to transform society’s people. I think that is why Alexandra decides to quit his fast plan of using Alex to attack the government by publishing his story.
Alex has reformed to be a good person, and he did not intend to return to his old habit. Alexander can be seen to have made two attempts that failed. The beginning one was to blame the government by publishing what they had done to the young boy before he became aware of the identity of Alex. Alex and what to publish the techniques used by the government, the aversion therapy that makes Alex become sick when he thinks of committing a violent crime. The therapy makes him hate crime at the same classical music.
From the beginning of the novel, Alex is advocating for the government to allow him to exercise his right to hurt people. Since that is what makes him happy, this makes me to think Alexandra could have been risking his own life if Alex had the same habit that he had at the beginning of the novel (Kubrick et al., 1972). Alex could have attacked and Alexandra, but what can be seen is different, illustrating the transformation that highlights the redemption of Alex and the desire to do good. The second plan that alexander used was to remind Alex of his past by locking him in the room to listen to Beethoven’s song. At the beginning of the novel, Alex enjoys classical music the Beethoven song is considered classical music. It makes the reader realize that Alexandra was using the song to make Alex feel guilty about committing suicide

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