Public-Community Health Assignment: Urban Population Health Communication Visit the Public Health department and look at the disease data. Look at the In

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  1. Visit the Public Health department and look at the disease data.
  2. Look at the Infectious Diseases, Preventable Diseases, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Pick one reportable disease.
  3. Research the details of the disease using the CDC website and other sources.
  4. In a short document designed to explain the PSA to your faculty: 
    1. Clearly describe the disease
    2. Explain the chain of transmission
    3. Discuss strategies a nurse would use to decrease the spread of this disease
    4. Include the CDC mandatory reporting requirements for the disease
  5. Using a recording tool, develop a 15-second (45-60 words) radio PSA that could be used in Sentinel City® to alert the residents about the infectious disease. Make sure the PSA is in layperson terms and include how to find out more about the disease.

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