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· Using Your Brain

Post your answers to this discussion by 11:59 pm CST on Friday of this week, your main post should have at least 150 words or more and include a citation of at least one scholarly source. You should respond to at least two classmate’s posting by 11:59 pm CST on Sunday, with at least 75 words or more. 

Step 1: Write a discussion post of at least 150 words based on the following prompt (answer both questions):

· Think of an activity you did today. Using what you learned in this module, describe at least five different parts of your brain and how they were involved in that activity.

· If you were a psychologist or neuroscientist interested in learning more about one of those brain parts, what methods could you use to learn more about the brain? (Consider types of studies you could create, experiments you could design, brain-imaging techniques, and other methods described in your reading)

Step 2: In a productive post that facilitates discussion, comment on at least TWO other posts with at least 75 words each. Add your own thoughts about the parts of the brain and methods used to study it.


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