Project Human Computer Intracation Pg. 04 Question Four Project Report Deadline: Tuesday 14/12/2021 @ 23:59 [Total Mark for this

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Project Human Computer Intracation Pg. 04

Question Four

Project Report
Deadline: Tuesday 14/12/2021 @ 23:59

[Total Mark for this Assignment is 10]


Human Computer Interaction

College of Computing and Informatics

Question One

2 Marks

Learning Outcome(s):

LO1: Define interaction design process and describe different type of models, theories and frameworks for conceptualizing interaction.

Modern HCI realizes that a user interface (UI) is meant for users. Hence, it is appropriate that the design process be centered on the users. This type of design is called user-centered design.
Using the general user-centered activities described in Chapter 2, propose a design for a software prototype for one of these groups of users:
a. Elderly
b. Children
c. Disabled people
d. Professional

Your software prototype can be of any platform – web, mobile, stand-alone, wearable, etc. Your tasks are:

1. Name your software prototype and explain its aim, objective(s) and the problem it is targeted to solve.
2. Collect requirements from potential users via an online survey and interview or observation based on your chosen type of user group. Get a minimum of 10 survey data and two interviews or observation data (or a mix of both).
3. Present your requirement results based on the needs, tasks, and functional analysis.
4. Highlight any surprising suggestion or feedback from potential users, if any, or the use of any metaphors.
Question Two

2 Marks

Learning Outcome(s):

LO1: Explain cognitive, social and emotional aspect of different type of UI.

LO2: Demonstrate data gathering, analysis and presentation techniques for discovering user interface requirement.

The designing process is the preparation for prototyping. It shall include a drawing and description of each UI design. Based on your analysis and findings from Question One, describe how the prototype will look and work. Your tasks are:
1. Preparing the conceptual design:
Present a minimum of three model layouts that describe abstractly what the users require, how it can solve the problem, and what the users can do with the prototype. You may want to include the knowledge from some of the interdisciplinary fields you have learned in Chapter 1 into your conceptual design. Conceptual design is discussed in Chapter 3. You can perform this task with a simple sketch too.
2. Preparing the concrete design:
Translate the conceptual design in (1) with the details, including the colors, sounds, images, menus, icons, etc. You may want to consider more concrete design issues discussed in Chapter 7 and 12. You may use any visual programming tools you familiar with.

Question Three

4 Marks

Learning Outcome(s):

LO4: Illustrate prototyping for interaction design and explain practical facets of interface constructions

Prototyping is part of the development phase. You are to prepare the interaction design of your proposed concrete design in Question Two. This is where you make your prototype comes to life. You need to provide the behavior as well as the look and feel of your designs. This will allow your potential users to interact and navigate with the UI during the prototype evaluation later. Your prototyping process should not aim to achieve a fully functional product. You may use any visual programming tool to achieve this. Provide each screenshot with the description of the function, its previous and subsequent state and highlight any UX design practices you used to prevent users from making errors. You may refer to the UX design pattern discussed in Chapter 13.
Submit a 2-minute video presentation on the prototype interaction to support and complement your attached screenshots.

Question Four

2 Marks

Learning Outcome(s):

LO5: Describe and apply various interaction evaluation techniques.

Evaluation is the process of determining the usability and acceptability of the product based on UX criteria. Choose a minimum of 3 potential users, preferably from the same users you interviewed earlier or from the list of users involved in your product requirement online survey. Conduct a User Acceptance Test (UAT) with the identified users. Review their feedback based on the following guidelines:

1. Average subjective satisfaction from the users based on its aim and objective(s).
2. Number of both familiar and unfamiliar metaphors / details to users.
3. Number of actions / functions / inputs / outputs that are considered confusing to users.
4. Any new suggestions / feedbacks from users for improvement.

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