Progress/Activity Report Help me complete 1 page Progress/Activity Report In order to continue serving the community, Boys and Girls Clubs enhance differe

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Progress/Activity Report Help me complete 1 page Progress/Activity Report

In order to continue serving the community, Boys and Girls Clubs enhance different ways to call for support. They are working hard to ensure that the club has sufficient resources to serve their future generation in safe and comprehensive development. Boy and Girl utilized Virtual Fundraising and In-kind Donation as our recommendations. As of now, these two approaches make a good outcome during COVID-19 pandemic.
The Boy and Girl club has implemented the in-kind donation. The club appeals to the community to offer their items to relieve their financial burden but it seems that COVID-19 limits their accessibility. According to its website, the club stated: “We welcome contributions of materials, goods, and services that help us reduce our costs and continue to provide high-quality programs for youth. However, please note that the current COVID-19 crisis has reduced our ability to receive in-kind donations. If you have a donation of materials, goods, or services, please contact Karen Salazar ( or 650-646-6132) to learn more about what in-kind donations we currently accept” (Boys & Girls Clubs of The Peninsula, n.d.).  By taking advantage of in-kind donations, Boy and Girls attracted many donors and among many kind donors is Buffalo Wild Wings. The company has donated many sporting equipments to their organization’s kids during 2020 through the ALL START program. The supports of Buffalo Wild Wings gives a chance for over 1 million teenagers that they will be able to participate in different physical programs (Boys & Girls Clubs of America, n.d.).
With the alternative of the virtual fundraising, according to PRNewsWires, Bank of America with other twenty-two corporate partners such as The Coca-Cola Foundation, Wells Fargo, The Rite Aid Foundation, ect have helped BGCA “ open Club doors, provide technology to support virtual school and fund programs that are supporting workforce readiness for teens.” Their donations is very crucial as the need of support for virtual schools is in high demand. Michael Stores also decided to choose Boys and Girls Clubs of Ameirca to receive a share of their donation from the NEST Nurtures philanthropic program in 2020. Rob Almond, NEST CEO stated: “ During this unprecedented time in our nation, we want to work with our partners to give back to their communities and support charities who are doing important work right now. Boys and Girls Clubs of America is a legendary nonprofit who continues to do great work for our youth.”  The donations of the corporates have shown that in-kind donations and virtual fundraising are the most efficient ways to call for supports from BGCA during the pandemic.

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