Process Change Project see the attached document for instructions and expectations for the Presentation. PC-6 Overview Convert your PC-5 into an executive

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Process Change Project see the attached document for instructions and expectations for the Presentation. PC-6 Overview

Convert your PC-5 into an executive-level presentation

Get support for the Advisorpedia project

Get permission to proceed

Short, Impactful, Clearly show the problem and how Advisorpedia can help


Presentation package (ppt, pdf – not Canva, Prezi)

Notes pages – what you would be saying for each slide (script, bullet points – sufficient information to know what information you intend to convey)

Mgmt483 Fa21 IC-15.2


Presentation Package Components

Mgmt483 Fa21 IC-15.2


Title Description/Requirements # of Slides
Title Slide Includes information shown on Title Slide Template 1
Problem Statement, Impact to CCB, or such Describes the problem from student & advisor perspective. Shows the impact of the problem on CCB (e.g., addresses why Exec Board should care about this) 1-2
Proposed Solution: Advisorpedia Big picture description of proposed solution 1
Detailed information about the proposed solution: focus on a small number of features etc that you feel are most important 1-2
User Provided Content Examples of at least 4 original content samples (from different knowledge areas) 2-4
Benefits to CCB How Advisorpedia will improve the advising process AND positively affect CCB. Future vision 1
Closing Request to the Board for their support 1

Title Slide

Mgmt483 Fa21 IC-15.2


Advisorpedia Project Proposal

Presentation to:

CCB Executive Board

December 6, 2021

Your name

Additional Team Members:

If no Additional Team Members – leave that section off


Notes Pages

Each slide should have a corresponding “Notes” page

Implement as separate slide either immediately following your regular slide, or collected at the end of your presentation package

Make sure it is clear which presentation slide the notes page goes with

Contains what would be said when presenting that slide

Can be in script or detailed bullet form

Goal is to keep your slides crisp and clutter free, and preferably with strong graphics

Use the Notes as the narration for your presentation

With the presentation package and the notes, anyone should be able to give your presentation the way you intended it

Mgmt483 Fa21 IC-15.2


Checklist – Grading


Incorporates original graphics (diagrams, figures) that illustrate key concepts

Graphics convey relevant information (vs. being decorative)

Effective use of animation

Presentation Design

Professional & aesthetically pleasing background, font, color scheme, and general layout

Effective mix of text & graphics

Sufficient “white space” on each slide

Notes Pages

Notes page contain relevant information that would be spoken during presentation

Clear, well-written, no grammatical mistakes

Complements the content on the slide

Captures the story


Page numbers on each slide

Required info on title slide

8 slides (ok to include additional one slide if absolutely necessary)

No missing required elements

10% late penalty

Presentation Content

Problem statement clearly describes student and advisor issues

Clear and compelling case for how the current advising problem negatively impacts CCB

Proposed solution – big picture

Captures all the key elements of Advisorpedia

Makes their relationships clear at a high level

Proposed solution – details:

Highlights relevant and important details of the solution

Presents information in a way that is easy to relate back to the big picture

Does not get lost in the details

Clear reason for presenting each of the detailed items

User-Provided Content

Has at least one original example from at least 4 knowledge areas

Examples are clear, concise, and represent valuable knowledge

Examples are realistic and without any obvious mistakes (information should be real, to extent possible)

Benefits to CCB

Clear, concise, and compelling

Really are at the CCB level


Clearly states action requested from the Executive Board

Mgmt483 Fa21 IC-15.2


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