PowerPoint Surface 8 7 Slides MINIMUM (a few semesters ago, a team submitted 43-slides – it was an outstanding presentation – not required, but I share th

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7 Slides MINIMUM (a few semesters ago, a team submitted 43-slides – it was an outstanding presentation – not required, but I share this for your better understanding) – include a cover slide with all the names of your group on it.  Include a Reference slide and use APA format.

Use PowerPoint Notes to add more information to the slides themselves.  At least 50% of the slides must have a PowerPoint NOTES with it.

Five minimum AUTHORED References – more is fine.  Two must be peer-reviewed sources.  
Use sources like the Journal of Marketing.

Put Slide #s on all slides.  Use VISUALS within the presentation – at least 50% of the slides should have a visual on it!

There must be a reference slide at the end and the references listed must be cited within the PowerPoint.

NO audio is desired – use PowerPoint Notes instead of audio please!  Avoid all capital letters.  Follow Written Assignment Requirements.

Review the grading rubric and consider some of the additional criteria there:  Critical and in-depth analysis of several pieces of evidence noted; marketing theory is clearly applied correctly; very astute in applying critical thinking and much depth of understanding in application of concepts to form re- commendations

Word choice/sentence structure/punctuation are mastered. No or very few typos, grammar, spelling and sentence structure errors.

All ideas appear clearly stated. Slide background is appropriate and creative; notes function used properly all of the time; slides have appropriate amount of information on them. 



· Do we need to have embedded audio on each of the slides? 
 No – please no AUDIO for this assignment. Use PowerPoint Notes instead.

· Is there a slide minimum? /7 slides minimum – NO maximum. 

· Do we use the discussion questions as our PPT?  No – see next questions’ response.

· Do we take all the team assignments and create the final PPT for our product?  YES

· Is the PPT on the distribution of the product and how we would present the product?  The PowerPoint is about ENTIRE Team Assignment This Semester.

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