Peer Review Research Assignment 3: Peer Review Exercise Paper Author:_____________ Paper Reviewed by:________ Part I: Narrative Evaluation of Paper

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Research Assignment 3:

Peer Review Exercise

Paper Author:_____________

Paper Reviewed by:________

Part I: Narrative Evaluation of Paper

Provide written comments (bullet points are fine) that address each of the following areas. The feedback should be a minimum of ½ page, single-spaced.

1. Strengths: What are the paper’s main strengths? (list 2-3)

2. Content: Does the paper adequately and comprehensively address each content area, as described in the relevant section of the assignment guidelines (below) and grading rubric (also below)?

· Where the paper does not meet full expectations (e.g. you took off points in the rubric below), provide specific, concrete suggestions on how the student can improve.

3. Clarity and Organization: Does the paper’s organization make sense? Is anything missing from or confusing about the paper? Do you have any suggestions that might improve the paper’s clarity?

4. Sources: Evaluate the paper’s sources and the bibliography. Is the student consulting the right kinds of sources? Are they cited properly in the text? Is the bibliography properly formatted?

Part II: Numerical Evaluation of Paper


Points Possible


Content: Paper includes a well-researched and cited discussion of: 1) Colonialism and independence, and 2) Neoliberalization and SAPs


Analysis and Argumentation: Demonstrates ability to apply concepts from the course to research a specific country. Paper goes beyond long lists of facts and tells a story. Demonstrates sound reasoning. Ideas are convincingly developed and supported with concrete evidence. Considers full complexity and avoids oversimplifying. Uses multiple sources to back up argument. 


Writing: Topic sentences, transitions, and paragraphs advance a complex series of ideas, claims, and evidence. Conclusion achieves a culmination of principal ideas. Sentences clearly written. Grammar, spelling and punctuation used properly.


Citations & bibliography: Minimum of 3 academic journal articles, and at least 5 reliable and trustworthy sources total. Citations and bibliography follow APA style.




Assignment Guidelines

Assignment Overview

Research your country’s history of: 1) colonialism and independence, and 2) neoliberalization and SAPs. Illustrate your understanding of the way that these histories have influenced health outcomes in your country. Your submission should be a short research paper of 800-900 words (please double space your paper and include your name on it!). You should include proper APA citations (in-text parenthetical citations, plus a bibliography). Minimum of 3 academic journal articles, and at least 5 reliable and trustworthy sources total. Please read the grading rubric below.

Part I: Colonialism and independence

Questions to consider (this is not an exhaustive list and you do not need to answer all of them, and these will vary by country):

· Was this country a former colony? What country/countries were the colonizer(s)? What was the main economic, social and military relationship between the two, colonized and colonizer?

· Was the colonial relationship based on violence or heavy use of force, or was it more of an economic/trading relationship, or one based on the charitable idea of “civilizing the savage other,” perhaps? Maybe it was a combination of all of these.

· What was your country’s primary economic role when it was colonized (e.g. did it produce and export tea, timber, slaves…)?

· When did your country gain independence? Was there a civil war? Was instability related to the legacy of colonial rule? How politically stable/unstable has your country been since independence? Are there high levels of corruption?

· What are your country’s primary exports today? Does it have a lot of oil or mineral wealth? Or is it poor in these kinds of natural resources? Is your country reliant on rich & developed countries as export markets for agricultural goods? Does it import a majority of its food today?

· In addition, describe your country’s data and history with immunizations and infectious diseases. Refer to Lecture 4.2 for resources with this part, especially slide 17.

If your country
was never technically colonized
(there are a few, such as Nepal and Thailand), there is probably still a history of economic exploitation by richer countries. Explain your country’s relationship with neighboring countries, empires and world powers across the 20th century. Many of the questions above may still be applicable.

Part II: Neoliberalization and SAPs

1. How has neoliberalization affected your chosen country? e.g. has this country gone through privatization and liberalization in partnership with the World Bank or IMF, or as an internal political movement? If so, describe the specific measures taken, when they were implemented, and whether you can identify any health-specific effects.

2. Investigate how PHC, SPHC, vertical initiatives, disease eradication campaigns, etc. might have affected health in your country? 

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