Peer Response 1 · Review your classmates’ posts and try to find some common ground or expand on their ideas. Use the text to improve everyone’s understand

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Peer Response 1 · Review your classmates’ posts and try to find some common ground or expand on their ideas. Use the text to improve everyone’s understanding of the importance of being a competent communicator and how it can enhance one’s personal and professional relationships. Ask questions that will enhance both of your understanding of the key concepts.
· Response posts must be 150 to 200 words in length.


Hello Class,
I have enjoyed this course, and I’m glad I could find more effective ways of communicating. My score results from the assessment have somewhat changed for the better. The results from week one expressed that I tend to talk more than I listen. I agreed with this in week one because it affected how I interpreted messages. This week my score was a 47, which shows that I am becoming more considerate of what others have to say. My results from week one also exposed that I relied on feedback. The feedback I receive gives me a sort of reassurance when I’m communicating with others.
One of my communication strengths, as I mentioned before, is feedback. Bevan (2020) stated that all the feedback you get from others, whether verbal or nonverbal, are early instances of you learning about the cultural standards that surround you and what is right or wrong or good or bad. The feedback I receive validates what others around me have comprehended. One of my communication weaknesses is receiving messages effectively. I tend to speak more than I listen, which causes me to misinterpret messages. According to Bevan (2020), the first stage in the listening process is receiving, which involves hearing what your conversation partner is communicating. I don’t tend to speak over others, but I say what I have to say when I have input or thoughts. I am improving with letting others talk and saving my information until they’re done.

The way I communicate within my relationships with others can be improved. I feel as though now that I know my weakness, I can quickly fix it. My communication weakness will enhance my personal relationships by allowing me to understand better what my conversation partner is trying to say. My communication weakness will improve my professional relationships by being more considerate of what my coworkers have to say.



Bevan, J. L. (2020). Making connections: Understanding interpersonal communication (3rd ed.). Zovio.

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