NURSING ASSIGNMENT Select a health condition (physical or psychological) that affects either the aging, disabled, or chronically ill population AND a theor

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Select a health condition (physical or psychological) that affects either the aging, disabled, or chronically ill population AND a theory of nursing, aging, or health.

Complete an assignment on the chosen health condition and associated theory including:  3-4 PAGES DO NOT EXCEED 4 PAGES PLEASE! At least 3 REFERENCES NEEDED.

  • Introduction
  • Health condition – Provide an overview of the health condition and population it affects. (The health condition is clearly defined,  explained, and related to the aging, disabled, or chronically ill population.)
  • Theoretical Framework – Provide an overview of the theory including author and main points. (The theory is clearly defined and explained. Key points are articulated.)
  • Alignment – Describe clearly how the theory and health condition are interrelated.
  • Dimensions of Wellness – Use the 7 Dimensions of Wellness: FUNCTIONAL, ENVIROMENTAL, INTELLECTUAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL, SPIRITUAL, SOCIAL, AND BIOLOGICAL. Then discuss how the relevant one are affected by and/or affect the health condition.  (All seven dimensions of wellness are identified clearly and concisely. EACH DIMENSION  has been related back to the disease and/or theory (as appropriate)
  • Summary – Include a summation on how the three components (health condition, theory, and dimensions of wellness) fit together with an example for nursing practice.  (Summary shows logical linkages between the theory, health condition, and the Dimensions of Wellness. The assignment reads as a continuous story with a clear purpose.)

The assignment is to be written in APA format and should not exceed 4 pages of content. A cover page is required, but not included in the page count. DO NOT USE DIRECT QUOTES from your resources. The reference page is NOT included in the total page count. 

Suggested headings:

  • Introduction
  • Health condition
  • Nursing theory
  • Dimensions of Wellness
  • Summary

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