Need Final Review Paper On Uploaded Document Project Proposal:   For the final project, I would like to take up a further investigate a case study on IS

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Need Final Review Paper On Uploaded Document Project Proposal:
For the final project, I would like to take up a further investigate a case study on IS and IT Governance in Virginia Department of Transportation. In this case study research adopts a system imagination to observe IS and IT Governance in the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). Virginia Department of Transportation has 7,500 employees and has conducted strategic assessments of its IT Organization including IS and IT Governance.

Virginia Department of Transportation is an agency of Virginia state government. VDOT was started in the year 1906 when the Virginia general assembly created State Highway Commission. Within the VDOT organization, the Chief of Administration handles all IT related for VDOT. Under Chief of Administration, IT Director manages several IT departments such as Development, Enterprise Architecture, IT Governance and Provisioning and Maintenance and Operations. Each of the IT departments have subdivisions under them.

VDOT is required to maintain the existing transportation infrastructure and then to construct new infrastructure. The largest funded areas are highway system maintenance, highway construction, and assistance to localities, which receives about 80% of the agency’s funding. In December 2015 VDOT’s staff received an email announcement from the Chief of Administration that a new leader of the Information Technology Division (ITD) would be starting at Virginia Department of Transportation the next month. The announcement was not a usual personnel welcome where this newly announced leader was succeeding the current ITD leader. Rather, this leadership announcement was the culmination of over twenty months planning into how to restructure ITD, i.e., how to align I Information Technology Division (ITD) behaviors with VDOT executives’ desirable behaviors for VDOT’s IS and IT assets. Based on the Dashboard project (and other projects), Information Technology Division (ITD) has benefited from its stakeholders’ perception of the division’s delivery effectiveness and inventiveness; however, this stakeholder perception has camouflaged the growing gap between the Information Technology Division’s performance and VDOT’s desired IT delivery performance.

Focus Area:

VDOT hired a business consulting firm to assess Virginia Department of Transportation’s Information Technology Department and identify areas for improvement. The consultants identified VDOT’s Information Technology Departments strengths and weaknesses. I would like to discuss further details about the results of the assessment the consulting firm conducted in Virginia Department of Transportation Information Technology Department

In this case study it is assumed that VDOT is an indivisible, purposeful and goal seeking organization where there are
1. Three peer elements (Governance, Management and Operations)
1. Feedback mechanism for governance via auditing and monitoring
1. Areas within governance for VDOT assists.
1. IT assets are managed my IS governance
During the case study I would like to cover how VDOT manages the IS and IT Governance within the organization and mainly focus on Risk Management, Resource Management, and Strategic Alignment. For this case study, data and reference are taken from the ‘A System View of IS and IT Governance: A case study of Virginia Department of Transportation” paper. In this case study data is collected from the VDOT Organization employees.

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