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 Chapter 4: 

1. What does 5-P stand for? 

2. Review the article Cultural Intelligence in the course documents and discuss it. Find a more recent Study and explain the differences. 

Chapter 5: 

1. Why are MNCs increasingly looking for alternative forms of international assignments? Be detailed. 

Chapter 6: 

1. Identify three types of legal regulation that shape the type of labor market in a host country environment and provide one example of country differences for each type.

 Chapter 7: 

1. What regulatory challenges does the emergence of the gig economy present? Be detailed.  


MGT 6220.E1

Managing the Global Workforce

Dr. Di Ann Sanchez, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Study Guide

Responses to Chapter/Assigned Questions:

When answering the questions, include the question before the answer, then provide

complete, thorough, specific responses and discussion for each question. When

information from outside sources is required, have essential information from the source

and use the proper APA in-text and Reference documentation. Do not include any direct

quotes from either the textbook or sources. While retyping the question is not typical

of APA style, it will ensure that I see your complete response. Unless otherwise

requested, graphics such as diagrams, pictures, tables, etc., are not counted as part of the

minimum number of pages. While these may be used to explain your response to a

question, they will not count as part of the minimum number of pages.

Plagiarism is the presentation of someone else’s work as though it were your own. If you

use another person’s words, ideas, or information, or material from a source – whether a

book, magazine, newspaper, business publication, broadcast, speech, or electronic media

– you must acknowledge the source. Plagiarism is a violation of the University’s code of

student ethical conduct and is taken seriously. Amberton University operates on an honor

system; therefore, honesty and integrity are essential characteristics of all associated with

the institution. All Amberton University students are expected to abide by the honor

system and maintain academic integrity in all their work.

Amberton University and its instructors monitor student work for plagiarism and reserve

the right to submit such work to technology-based anti-plagiarism services and

applications at any time. Students agree that by taking this course, all required papers

may be subject to submission for textual similarity review to to detect

plagiarism. In addition, all submitted papers will be included as source documents in the reference database solely to detect plagiarism in such papers. Use of service is subject to the Usage Policy posted on the site.

Outside Sources and APA:
Outside sources will be required as part of several assignments. The articles/sources must

be current (2016-present), peer-reviewed, and from various professional journals. Use

EBSCO and other electronic databases to locate the articles. The articles should be

related to assigned chapters in the textbook. For clarification, an example of a scholarly,

peer-reviewed source would be Harvard Business Review, Academy of Management

Journal, etc. It is recommended to use online databases (i.e., EBSCO) to locate your

articles. The assignment document should include a Cover Page and a Reference Page.

Use the APA format for the Cover Page, Reference Page, and in-text citations. Refer to

the Citation Styles Tutorial and then locate the APA website. Select the APA website and

then review the APA Basic Tutorial and the Frequently Asked Questions. Submit all parts

of each Assignment as one document.

The written assignments should include the critical tenets of both the articles with

supporting the rationale. The student learner should use critical thinking and relate items

found in the chapter readings to synthesize the articles. The last paragraph of the paper

includes your opinion, and only in the previous section of the article and how it could

help contemporary management. The written assignments should exhibit scholarly

collegiate composition and critical thinking.

All assignments should be submitted in Microsoft Word using a 12 pt. Font size and

formatted as double-spaced using Times New Roman. Each of the Assignments has been

divided into specific questions with the suggested completion order. However, all the

questions in Assignment One will be submitted together by the due date and so forth.

Only one Assignment will be submitted at a time. Assignments may be submitted early

so you can work around other scheduling issues; however, they will not be graded until

after the official due date. Once one Assignment has been graded and returned to you,

another may be submitted. All Assignments are to be of graduate-level quality and will

be graded accordingly.

We will use the American Psychological Association (also known as APA) as the

standard. Your use of the APA style assures that you demonstrate consistency,

professional appearance, organization, and sufficient authentication and documentation.

Therefore, I will consider using proper APA style (7th edition) and the professionalism of

your work in determining your grade for an assignment. Written submissions must

follow the following guidelines:

· A title page that provides appropriate identifying information (APA manual
provides an example)

· Double spacing left-justified

· Type size of 12 points

· Times New Roman font or its equivalent

· One inch margins on all sides

· Cite your sources and provide a reference page

· Submit assignments in Word formats

· Page numbers (Title page, table of contents, and references are not counted in the
number of pages submitted).

· Properly cite sources in the body of your submission

Inquiry and Analysis Rubric For All Assignments:

Excellent (3) Acceptable (2) Unacceptable (1)

Topic selection
Identifying and understanding issues
relevant to the topic of discussion.

Identifies a focused topic that
addresses significant and
relevant aspects of
Thoroughly evaluates the
relevance of the topic to the
overall 21st-century business
implications and/or conditions
(global or domestic).

Identifies a topic that
addresses some relevant
aspects of management.
Some evaluation of the
relevance of the topic to the
overall 21st-century business
implications and/or conditions
(global or domestic).

Identifies a topic that is too
general and fails to address
relevant aspects of
Little evaluation of the topic
and relevance to the 21st-
century business.

Existing Knowledge, Research,
and/or Views
Selecting and synthesizing information
from relevant sources to investigate a
point of view or approaches.

Presents in-depth information
from relevant sources
representing various points of
views regarding the
management topic. Writing is
clear, organized, logical and
coherent. The document is
written in accordance with
APA acceptable standards

Presents information from
relevant sources representing
the limited point of views
regarding management topic.
Writing is coherent. Most of
the document is in accordance
with APA accepted standards.

Presents information from
irrelevant sources
representing the limited point
of views regarding
management topic. Fails to
arrange ideas appropriately,
writing is incoherent. APA is
not followed in accordance
with APA accepted standards.

Design Process
Synthesizing information using an
appropriate methodology or theoretical

Critical elements of the
methodology or theoretical
framework are appropriately

Some critical elements of the
methodology or theoretical
framework are missing,
incorrectly developed or

Does not define elements of
the methodology or theoretical
frameworks necessary for the

Breaking complex topics or issues into
organized evidence revealing patterns,
differences, or similarities related to

Correctly identifies complex
evidence analyzing,
organizing and revealing
important patterns, differences
or similarities related to

Some evidence is analyzed
and organized but does not
effectively reveal important
patterns, differences or
similarities related to

Some evidence is listed but is
not organized and/or not
related to management.

Stating a logical and justified
conclusion exhibiting a clear
knowledge of the topic or issues
related to management.

States detailed and relevant
conclusions based on the
inquiry and analysis

States general conclusions
that because it is so general, it
also applies beyond the scope
of inquiry and analysis

States illogical conclusions or
unsupported inquiry. No
evidence of analysis

Limitations and Implications
Discussing relevant supported
limitations, weaknesses, and
implications to management.

Discusses detailed relevant
and supported limitations,
weaknesses, and implications.

Presents relevant and
supported limitations,
weaknesses, and implications.

Limitations, weaknesses, and
implications are irrelevant and


Scoring Key:
Excellent 16 – 18
Acceptable 12 – 15
Unacceptable 0 – 11

Bloom’s Taxonomy:
Bloom’s taxonomy is a classification system used to define and distinguish different

student learners’ cognition levels—i.e., thinking, learning, and understanding. Educators

typically use Bloom’s taxonomy to inform and guide the development of assessments

(tests and other evaluations of student learner learning), curriculum (units, lessons,

projects, and other learning activities, and instructional methods such as questing

strategies. This system is used in undergraduate and graduate education programs

throughout the United States. It has also been translated into many languages and used

around the world. Educators focus on the Cognitive Model, which includes six different

classification levels: Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, and



Late postings will not be accepted. Discussion postings are a two-step process. In Step

1, you will be asked to post a response to a discussion question. This may include

textbook questions, reviewing video links, conducting internet searches, and/or mini-

cases. I am expecting 250 to 400 words in your responses. In Step 2, you will pick two

other student learners’ posting and give them feedback. Your job is not to “nit-pick” their

post. If you disagree, provide scholarly-based feedback. It would help if you expanded

upon the posting content in your response. Comments like “great article” will not be

accepted. Be specific in your feedback. I am expecting 75-100 words in each of your

responses to other student learners’ postings. Reactions to other student learners’ postings

are due 5 days after the due date for the Step 1 postings.

Grading of discussion postings will be proportioned as follows:

· 60% – your original posting with a reference

· 20% – review of one other posting

· 20% – review of one other posting

Discussion Grading Rubric:

Criteria Excellent (3) Acceptable (2) Unacceptable






original posts

and responses on

due dates


original post on

due date but not


All postings are



to discussion


demonstration of

knowledge and


gained from the

assigned reading

Very clear that

readings were

understood and


well into


Responses meet

the minimum

word count and



Readings were

understood and

incorporated into

responses. Did

not meet the

minimum word

count and no


Postings have a


relationship with

the reading

material. Did

not meet the

minimum word

count and no


Adherence to

online protocols

All online



Some online

protocol not

adhered to

No online

protocols not

adhered to

Meaning of Substantive: For this class, substantive means that your message has

substance and helps further the course content discussion. Substantive statements often

include contributions of additional ideas and sources, insights or questions about

classmates’ comments, connections to the course readings, or ways of applying the

lessons from the course. You will notice points deducted from your score if you do not

provide substance to your DQs and participation posts. Please keep in mind that

participation (DQ’s) is worth 15% of your overall course score. When preparing your DQ

responses, please be thorough in your assessment and provide references.

Tips for Creating Substantive Participation:

• Explain why you agree or disagree, and add some examples to support your belief.

• Relate your personal or work experiences to the topic at hand.

• Ask additional questions from your classmates.

• Make connections between the topics at hand and the readings in the text.

• Add ways you can apply the lessons from the class in your work and academic life.

Graduate Project Rubric:

Critical Thinking Rubric Graduate Research Project

N = Excellent (3) Acceptable (2)` Unacceptable (1)


Explanation of issues
Identifying and understanding issues
relevant to the topic of discussion.

Identifies and exhibits a clear
knowledge of most of the issues
relevant to the topic. The topic
is critically stated and described
comprehensively. Delivers most
of the information for full

Identifies and exhibits some
knowledge of the issues relevant
to the topic. Some of the topic
and relevant issues are
explored. Delivers some
information that may deter from
a full understanding

Few issues are identified that
are relevant to the topic. There is
little to no clarification of the
information relevant to the topic.

Selecting and using the information
to investigate a point of view or

Information is taken from 10-12
scholarly sources with enough
and/or comprehension to
develop a comprehensive
analysis. Scholarly viewpoints
are questioned.

Information is taken from 5-9
scholarly sources with some
and/or comprehension to
develop some analysis. Some
scholarly viewpoints are
questioned but mostly taken as

Information is taken from 1-4
scholarly sources without any
Scholarly viewpoints are taken
as fact without question.

Influence of context and
Systematically and methodically
analyzes and evaluates the
relevance of the topic to the overall
body of knowledge.

Identifies most of the
assumptions (own and others)
when presenting topic position.
Evaluates and questions the
relevance of the topic to the
overall 21st-century global
business implications and/or

Identifies some assumptions
(own or others) when presenting
topic position. Some evaluation
of the relevance of the topic to
the overall 21st-century business
global implications and/or

Shows little awareness of
assumptions (own or others)
when presenting topic position
— little evaluation of the topic
and relevance to the 21st-century

Student learner’s position
Positioning clearly stated taking into
account complexities of the topic.
Comparing and contrasting relevant
to the topic. APA standards

Specific position is creative and
logically presented. Compares
and contrasts different sides to
the topic. Accurately addresses
the complexity of the
topic/issues. Ideas are clearly
arranged with sufficient detail
and support. Writing is clear,
organized, logical, and coherent.
The entire document is written in
accordance with APA acceptable

Compares and contrasts
different sides to the topic but
fails to take a specific position or
takes a position but fails to
compare and contrast different
sides of the topic. Addresses
some complexities of the
topic/issues. Some ideas are
arranged appropriately, but
limited detail and support are
documented. Writing is coherent.
Most of the document is in
accordance with APA accepted

A specific position is stated but
is too simple and obvious. Little
or no comparison or contrasting
is conducted. Complexities of
the topic/issues are not
discussed. Fails to arrange
ideas appropriately, writing is
incoherent. APA is not followed
in accordance with APA
accepted standards.

Conclusions and related
outcomes (implications and
Logically reflecting informed
conclusions and outcomes through
sound evidence.

Conclusions are logically tied to
scholarly research information.
Most viewpoints and outcomes
are clearly identified and logical.

Some conclusions are tied to
scholarly research. Some
viewpoints and outcomes are
identified but lack clarity.

Conclusions fail to show
relevance to scholarly research.
Outcomes and viewpoints are
simple and inconsistent.


Scoring Key:
Excellent 13 – 15

Acceptable 9 – 12
Unacceptable 0 – 8

Each graduate student will conduct a presentation via YouTube or other technology.

First, you will need to convert your recorded PowerPoint presentation to a video movie or

MPEG; then, you may upload it to YouTube. At that point, YouTube will give you a link

to share both on the discussion board for other students to review and in Moodle. You

will be expected to develop and design an effective global mobility program

highlighting international assignments, adjustment to foreign cultures, work role

factors, expatriation-repatriation cycle, and support practices of a particular

country. Refer to the Moodle for Graduate Research Project due date. You will

need to submit a PowerPoint PDF in Moodle.

The presentation will consist of a professional 25-30 minute analysis. You should use

PowerPoint (or other technology) to create the recording and production of the topic, and

presentations should be professional and engaging. You are also expected to follow

Bloom’s Taxonomy Guidelines during your presentation, including a robust Literature

Review. Would you please review my webcast on the details of your Graduate
Research Project? Your grade will be based on the Critical Thinking Rubric (see study

guide). The student learner is expected to do ample research on the Managing the

Global Workforce, Global Mobility Programs and provide recent and relevant updated


· 25-30 minute presentation (recording).

· Zoom meeting with librarians and pre-approval by me. If these are not
completed, there will be a 10% penalty. You will have a call with me.

· Graduate Project should include Introduction including your hypothesis
statement; full literature review including studies relating to your topic,

limitations of the studies, what suggestions were made in each study (see

rubric); the methodology you used, and conclusions showing implications to

the 21st-century workforce. What recommendations would you make based

on research?

· You must upload the Graduate Research Project PDF to Moodle.

· The presentation Link should be posted in the Moodle discussion area for
other student learners to review and comment!!

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