Math of data management 24 hrs Name: _____________________________________ Date: ______________ MATHEMATICS OF DATA MANAGE

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Math of data management 24 hrs Name: _____________________________________ Date: ______________

Course Code: MDM4U

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Assignment 2

Chapter 2: Permutation

Due Date: 18th November 2021 at 11:59pm Eastern Time

Answer All Questions

Show All Your Work

Knowledge / Understanding (K/U)

1. To get from her house to the shopping mall, Cathie can walk along Main Street, through the park, or along a path out of her subdivision. From Main Street, there are two streets that go to the mall. From the park, there are four streets that go to the mall. From the path, there is only one street that goes to the mall.
a) Illustrate Cathie’s choices with a map and a tree diagram.

b) How many different routes are there for Cathie to get to the shopping mall?

2. When selecting patio stones, the customer has 10 choices for the type of bricks, 8 choices for colors, and 3 choices for layout. How many choices does the customer have in total?


3. Each question on a 10-question multiple choice test has four possible answers. In how many ways could the questions be answered if
a) all questions must be answered?

b) the student is permitted to leave answers blank?

4. Two people will be chosen to be on a dance committee from Alicia, Benoit, Chantel, Daniqua, Eddie, and Farid.
a) Make a chart to illustrate this situation.

b) How many outcomes are possible?


5. Will the number of outcomes for the following events be the same or different?

a. A red die, a green die, and a white die are rolled at the same time.

b. Three white dice are rolled at the same time.

c. A die is rolled three times

Thinking / Inquiry

6. In the game of Yahtzee, five dice are rolled. How many outcomes are there for rolling the five dice once?

7. At Triple Pizza, every pizza has three different toppings. Triple Pizza advertises that you can choose from 4080 different pizzas. How could this be so?


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