Marketing Communication (I Need Part2) Due In 2hrs Ad Critique 5 Throughout this course, you will analyze a total of five (5) unique advertisements of you

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Marketing Communication (I Need Part2) Due In 2hrs Ad Critique 5

Throughout this course, you will analyze a total of five (5) unique advertisements of your choosing. These may be print advertisements or commercials. For each critique, include a screenshot of the print ad or a link to the commercial, and fully answer the questions here: How to Analyze an Advertisement (  Keep in mind you must choose a different advertisement for each critique.

This assignment has two parts. 

1. Analyze a total 5 unique ads

2. Answer 15questions in the link ( 

APA format and needs more than 350 words

DO NOT skip any part of assignmrent Running head: MARKETING COMMUNICATION 1

Marketing Communication Assignment

5 Unique Ads

DiGiorno advertisement

The advert creates the mood of lovely taste especially for a hungry pizza lover with use of clear distinct pictures of food products. The adverse draw a person into savoryness that is exudes bye pizza. The advert shows that if the melted cheese and Italians herbs crust does not entice you then the middle part of the page will attract a person. The advert is designed with brightest color and brilliant yellow flag. the word new aims to show that even if they have explore to other similar products, they should not use their experience to conclude because the products is new, unique, and more delicious from what one has experienced initially.

Olympic One Paint

Olympic One Paint is a prefect print advert for children at home. The advert point out that it is “not just guaranteed for life (but) guaranteed for real life.” The advert has a baby colouring on the wall. It targets people with children or a child who knows that colouring on the wall is hurting the paint. It is a good advert for housekeeping since parent do not spend much money to repaint the wall decorated by children, they just need to replace the paint with a new one. This adverts creates an impression that parent will have solved the problems of high cost after their children have repainted the walls.

Colorado Convey

The advert creates the impression of adventure and people exploring nature in unknown place. The advert is designed to shows the sky, mountain and sunlight that is stretched outward towards the endless horizon. It suggests that the shown area is a place where families and generation will have their life nurtured and enriched. It also shows the contract between dark and night on earth with a tone that promotes the state of Colorado as an area full of hope and possibilities. This advert has effects on how the Colorado state conveys the sense of awe and mystery due to the created pathos by panoramic view.

Azek Building Products

The advert sends a message of a good relationship and nurturing relationship between dad and son. The advert catches the eyes of the audience with the back deck that is formed in the shape of artist palette that is framed using a perfect grass field, at the center of the palette or deck is a father who is training his young son to grill.. The advert also show the words “Create an Enduring Masterpiece” underneath the images is a handwritten font. The colors used in the advert that is green and brown shows nature and emphases on how to create beauty naturally. The message shows subtle message of father shaping the life of his son through guidance which is automatically creates an enduring masterpiece. The advert is effected and appealing to the desire of the beauty of life and parents affection to their children.


The advert shows the new style of Crocs which reassures audience that they will have same feeling with updated, and more streamlined feminine design that is appealing to fashion. The advert uses attractive color that can be considered to communicate a tone of comfort and happiness. The design of the adverts shows a woman wearing the Crocs being advertises and she seems to be comfortable with them because she displays a good smile. The advert aims to influence more people to purchase the product.

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