Leadership For Organizational Effectiveness Assignment Content Leadership for Organizational Effectiveness Top of Form Competency 1. Create a leadersh

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Leadership For Organizational Effectiveness Assignment Content

Leadership for Organizational Effectiveness

Top of Form


1. Create a leadership landscape to increase personal and professional success.

2. Implement motivational principles to influence higher performance.

3. Implement leadership essentials to drive organizational effectiveness.

4. Analyze the leadership skills needed to create a global business strategy.

5. Apply management essentials to effectively manage change in an organization.

6. Evaluate the importance of leadership to build an innovative culture in the workplace.


You are interviewing for the V.P. of Human Resources for XYZ Global Corporation. The company is seeking a new culture champion. They have realized a need for a cultural change in the organization due to a recent all employee satisfaction survey where the employees of the organization cited low morale, low satisfaction, and decreased engagement.

You have made it to the final stage of the interview process. The company would like to see how you will use your skills and knowledge to spearhead a successful culture change. As a requirement of the final stage, you must present to the CEO and describe your individual leadership style, executive leadership skills, and motivational philosophies that will impact the organization change and culture shift.


Create a 12-15 PowerPoint slide presentation with speaker notes as the last step in the interview process to present to the CEO.

Your presentation must include:

. Title slide: Introduction to Presentation (1 slide)

. Explain your personal leadership philosophy. (2-3 slides)

. Include: Leadership style and leadership behavior and traits

. Describe which motivational principles/practices you would use to improve employee engagement. (2-3 slides)

. Include: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivators

. Hypothesize how your prescribed leadership and motivational principles and practices would drive organizational effectiveness. (2-3 slides)

. Define the unique leadership skills needed to successfully drive these culture changes globally. (2-3 slides)

. Defend the change management techniques you would use to successfully implement the change in the organization. (2-3 slides)

. Predict how your leadership and motivation technique choices will create an innovative culture. (2-3 slides)

Bottom of Form

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