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Based off the research sheet (attached), submit an 8-page document that was proposed and is attached, complete with bibliography and citations. Be sure to demonstrate your command of the content, reasoning and logic, and above all you need a single main point in your introduction that is then substantiated and defended in the body of your document. Please make your word document as professional as possible, with citations, cover page, etc.

The topic must be directly related to the course objective below and must follow your research sheet (attached). Please ensure you base your document on the outline you provided in your research sheet.

COURSE OBJECTIVE: Assess the challenges and role facing strategic intelligence analysis and strategic counterintelligence.

Please follow the below requirements:

General Requirements

1. Document Format. A. MS Word document. One inch (1″) margins (double-spaced) c. Times New Roman Font. Twelve (12) pitch2. 

Citation Format: The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th ed. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2017 available online at: The Author-Date system is recommended. 

Research Paper Proposal


Title: How will cyber operations shape the future of Strategic Intelligence Analysis?

Course Objective Link: Your topic must be much narrower than these objectives. They just need to fall under one of these large subject areas.

The topic of my paper is directly related to

___X____CO-2:  Assess the challenges and role facing strategic intelligence analysis and strategic counterintelligence.

Thesis Statement:

Outline: Please see below.

1. Introduction. I decided to go with how cyber operations will shape the future of Strategic Intelligence Analysis because this is something that I personally have an interest on. With cybers increasingly drastic exponential growth, it surely has some impact on how it will/ is affecting how we view strategic intelligence analysis.

2. Main Point #1 “Cybers involvement of strategic intelligence analysis.”

a. Cybers growth in recent years

b. History of cyber involvement in strategic intelligence analysis throughout the years c. What tools can be utilized in the collections of strategic analysis

3. Main Point #2 “How Cyber has an affect and effect on the strategic intelligence community.”

a. How cyber can be used against adversary’s

b. How adversary’s use cyber in correlation of strategic intelligence analysis

c. Protection measures for the future against potential cyber attacks

4 Main point #3 “The way forward on how Cyber will be incorporated in strategic intelligence analysis.”

a. The accustoming of cyber in daily collections of strategic intelligence analysis.

b. The shift of intelligence collections

c. My prediction on how strategic intelligence analysis will be utilized with cyber as the main concern.

5. Conclusion. For my conclusion, I will briefly overview all my topics and finish on the topic of my thesis. I do believe that my thesis is important and look forward to completing my final paper. This topic closely resides to me as this is something for years to come. With cyber being a very broad subject, I will go into detail to explain all my topics within my outline.


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