Information Technology & Data Analytics Do this only  (Stakeholder/Company Needs SWOT Analysis) 1 2 Leading brand is Gucci, making up 59% of their reve

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Information Technology & Data Analytics Do this only  (Stakeholder/Company Needs SWOT Analysis) 1

Leading brand is Gucci, making up 59% of their revenue

By region, the America’s hold the largest share of the Luxury goods market worldwide, 28% in 2020
Overview of the Kering and its Sector

Kering is a French multinational corporation which holds a variety of luxury brands which specialize in ready-to-wear fashion, fine jewelry, watches and specialized food and beverages

Increased spending from new regions like China and Generation Z with expendable income across the globe, there is good growth potential for Kering within the next 5 years

1: The quality of online learning is not on par with on-ground. There might be an assumption that the work is “lighter” and less rigorous.
2: Online Learning can become isolating when not planned or executed carefully. This is sometimes the reason that MOOCs have a large dropout rate.
3: There might be a lack of interaction with NYU faculty and professors might not as easily recognize struggling students.

Profile of Stakeholder

Peter Peng is the manager of Technology Engineering and Information Security for Kerings North America region
Primary responsibility:
Create the strategic plan for implementing new hardware and software across the enterprise offices and regions retail stores

Project Overview

Summary of Introduction

Pengs role within Kering and how his team’s goals scale-up to the organization’s overall goals
Importance of the networking system across all of Kerings physical locations
Reliable network connection to the internet is critical for:
Point-of-purchase kiosks
Store technologies like iPad which employees leverage to assist clients with viewing additional merchandise
Building connections with client base

IT Challenges

Gap in IT system:
Proactively identify issues with networking systems technology
Current State:
Systems logs issues centrally, however the multitude of log tickets are not reviewed until there is an outstanding issue
Issues are flagged manually after the outage has occurred
Network team manually reviews logged information to determine the path from which the issue arose
Ticket is created with vender engineers and to request equipment replacement or adjustments
High time expenditure to resolve issues currently


IT Challenges

Future State:
Ideal solution has access to the system of logged network statuses
Use of artificial intelligence to learn from the current state and predict using the logs when a system will experience an issue
New tool will flag to the Pengs team the potential malfunction and summarize the path of logged information regarding the issue
Additional constraints/requirements:
Informing Pengs time prior to the outage
Must understand that network system “failures” do not always mean a complete outage

IT Solution Basic

Comprehensive analysis through Wi-Fi Analyzer
Check the un-shielded USB 3.0 cables and devices in the store
Enabling both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Keep the 5GHz channel open for your most important connections
Switch to the non-overlapping channels


Improve the speed and connection quality!

IT Solution Advanced

AIOps from IBM artificial intelligence
Simplify IT operations management and accelerate and automate problem resolution in complex modern IT environments
Achieve faster mean time to resolution
Go from reactive to proactive to predictive management
Modernize IT operations and IT operations team
Provide centralized visibility across all environments so your operations teams can diagnose problems and resolve incidents faster.

Improve or eliminate turn-around time to resolve outages!

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