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Please answer original forum with a minimum of 259 words and respond to both students separately with a minimum of 100 words each 

Page 1 Original Forum with references 

Page 2 Thomas response with references 

Page 3 Richelle response with references 

Original Forum 

Question: Pick your favorite topic from Weeks 1 to 6 and

a) state the topic here ( infrastructure and information syste) 

b) discuss why it is your favorite topic

c) discuss how it can help build solutions to IT businesses

student Response 


Hello all,

I feel week four Company’s Infrastructure and Information System’s needs. This particular topic Impacted me during the course of this week. Prior to this chapter I had no idea how important the technology and information infrastructure. In regard to having your own business played a factor into how things are being conducted and managed. Within this section we covered the use of telecommunications, networking and wireless technologies, functional information systems. 

Week four definitely allowed me to align my company with the needs and demands of running a successful organization. information infrastructure is the backbone of using technology and heavily relying on those system to maintain the overall integrity. Of all the data beginning stored and utilizes to a successful and safe business environment. The information system combined with the infrastructure is the bases for my networking systems, telecommunication, software, databases, and the necessary hardware. With all of these avenues of communication paired together will help in making this a global enterprise. Just by simply using an APP, website, our phone.

 The information system is highly important because it maintains employees, customers, and the employer information. With that said we must ensure that our plan for this system must be clear, concise, and direct. On another note, information systems security and control. Help me understand what the importance is of controlling access to the data basis. The company in itself will provide data to the employer, costumer, employees, to include everyone who is monitoring the networking systems.  This is why Information security is a great quality and control measure to have in place and implanted. Information security control is a system that protects our company from unwanted cyber-attacks, various, and any other data breeches to the infrastructure.


Hello Class, the topic I would like to discuss is “Networking and Security.”  This is the selected topic because this was my job for 14 years.  Previously I taught security in a schoolhouse for the army.  Most underestimates how important security is to any network, but it is just as important as the network itself.  I have learned throughout the years that the network’s access, availability, and integrity are equally important to the personnel you are providing this service for.  This is ever so important when it comes to security and privacy in our everyday life.  As individuals, want our private lives to stay private but we do not take the measures to keep them private.  By knowing the basic functions of security or securing our digital lives we can eliminate insider threats (the user).  Insider threats are the largest vulnerability on any network and can do the irreparable damage (Dawson & Thomson, 2018).  As a society, we use the internet mostly every day and have some type of connection with it daily.  This can range from our phone to wearable watch or an actual connected network with an ISP.  Simple connected networks are one’s providers and users never pay close attention to but also need to be secured as well.  

Networking and security can help build solutions to IT businesses by eliminating risk and breaches.  Risk and breaches can cost any business a tremendous amount of money in legality fees and even lawsuits.  If you have a business similar to a hospital, privacy and security is pushed to the for front.  No one wants their personal health information leaked to the public.  Any spillage will go against the HIPPA laws and create distrust with patient confidentiality.  Your business (the hospital) will not make any money, for this is the purpose of business.  Within the networking and security realm it is imperative for training and education on what to do in order to maintain security for an IT business solution.  Security starts with the user (Borky & Bradley, 2018).  


Dawson, J., & Thomson, R. (2018). The Future Cybersecurity Workforce: Going Beyond Technical Skills for Successful Cyber Performance. Frontiers in psychology, 9, 744.

Borky, J. M., & Bradley, T. H. (2018). Protecting Information with Cybersecurity. Effective Model-Based Systems Engineering, 345–404.

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