HW1 Is OPEN BOOK and OPEN NOTES. Use of the internet is also permitted; however, you will want to discuss these topics in line with how they have been pre

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HW1 Is OPEN BOOK and OPEN NOTES. Use of the internet is also permitted; however, you will want to discuss these topics in line with how they have been presented in this class vs. simply repeating information that you found online.

SHORT ANSWER (in your own words)

For each question, offer a brief response (1-2 sentences) that balances the goals of being concise while also fully answering the question.

A. Explain in everyday language what it means when you say that you conducted a study comparing two groups on an outcome measure and found that there was NOT a statistically significant difference (p < .05) between them. B. You are conducting an in-depth interview about fatherhood and your participant has just said, “I never had a very good relationship with my father; he was gone all the time on business.” Write an example of a GOOD interview question and an example of a BAD interview question that you could ask at this point. C. Name 2 possible reasons why you might get discrepant results in a triangulation mixed-methods research project. D. Identify a potential advantage as well as a potential pitfall of doing mixed-methods research. E. Compare and contrast the quantitative concept of (PICK ONE: reliability / validity) with its nearest equivalent(s) in qualitative research. F. How is random sampling different from theoretical sampling? In which type of research is each used? SHORT ESSAY (In your own words) write a brief essay (1 paragraph) that fully answers the question. A. What potential advantages and drawbacks are there in doing participant observation research of a group from an etic (outsider) perspective, as is common in ethnography? As an example, pick a group you might be interested in studying. What would be the difference if someone within that group were to do the same research from an emic (insider) perspective? B. Describe some characteristics of a good qualitative research study. Tell us what these characteristics mean and why they are important—also, feel free to add considerations that we have discussed in the context of specific research designs. C. Discuss the advantages and drawbacks of doing a theoretical vs. a systematic literature review (including the different goals/purposes of each) and how a meta-analysis can complement one of them. (Be sure to describe what a meta-analysis is and how it is performed). D. How has your experience conducting an original research study (i.e. the research project “Impact of Isolation on Residents in the State of California and Utah” (Last assignment) changed and/or deepened your understanding of that particular approach or method (i.e. survey research, experimental, quasi-experimental, correlational, case study, ethnography, descriptive qualitative, grounded theory, phenomenology, mixed methods)? Please be specific. E. How are grounded theory and (descriptive) phenomenological research paradigms similar to and different from each other? Think about the epistemologies, research questions, methods of data collection, and manner of analysis used for each. LONGER ESSAY – 25 points Imagine that you are a young researcher in psychology, in your second year in a professional setting. After your very successful suicide prevention program last year, you are looking for a change of pace. A non-profit organization, NoPlaceLikeHome, has just hired you (as a consultant) to investigate the failure of some of its afterschool drop-in centers to reduce drug use among local neighborhood teens. There are four drop-in centers in the San Clemente County area: · Casa Rodriguez: urban, lower class Latino neighborhood. Drug use actually increased (from 35% to 50%) since the drop-in center opened last year. · Bradshaw : rural/desert, lower class Caucasian neighborhood. Drug use has remained constant at 20% (both before and after the center was built). · Alto Real: rural/foothills, middle class mixed neighborhood. Drug use declined slightly (from 16% to 15%) since the opening of the center 18 months ago. · Rancho Francisquito: suburban, upper-middle class Latino neighborhood. Drug use has decreased (from 25% to 15%) in the two years this center has been open. NoPlaceLikeHome would like you to develop a model of how local teens make decisions to either use drugs or not, and the respective roles (if any) of the drop-in center and local community in influencing that decision. The main goal is to identify possible factors that may contribute to increased or decreased drug use among these teens, and to gauge teens’ perceptions of the drop-in center in this regard. Design a research study to answer the research question: “What aspects of the drop-in centers (if any) play a role in teens’ decisions whether to use drugs or not?” First: select the type of research method that would be most appropriate to your research question. · Describe your sample (including its composition, how you might contact them, obtaining consent, & division into subgroups (if any)), · procedures (what your participants will do and how you will gather data from them) · analytic plan (statistics? qualitative analysis?). Finally: talk about what ethical issues you would consider in designing and conducting your study, and how you might address these issues. Please use essay style for your answer (paragraphs and complete sentences). Textbooks Spickard, J. V. (2016). Research basics. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications. ISBN: 9781483387215 Corbin, J. & Strauss, A. (2014). Basics of qualitative research (4th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications. ISBN: 9781412997461  Salkind, N.J. (2017). Exploring research (9th ed.). New York: Pearson. ISBN: 9780134238418

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