Human Potential & Motivation Please provide doctoral work. Follow the instructions. Keep in mind that each mindset encompasses a pair of contrasting motiva

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Please provide doctoral work. Follow the instructions. 

Keep in mind that each mindset encompasses a pair of contrasting motivational systems. By the end of the week, students will create an informational brochure focusing on four mindsets: deliberative-implemental, promotion-prevention, fixed-growth, and consistency-dissonance. Read 
Carol Dweck’s Mindset Summary article
 to begin your research. This article should be read and considered before completing this assignment, as it is a good example of research to support these topics.


Assignment: Brochure

· Create a 6-panel research-based, informational brochure, outlining specific criteria for each mindset and potential consequences (positive and negative).    



· Deliberative-implemental mindset and consequences

· Promotion-prevention mindset and goal-striving/regulatory strategies

· Fixed-growth mindset and achievement goals

· Consistency-dissonance and self-perception theory


· Include pictures with captions, at least three references, and ensure that this is a helpful tool if used in a professional speech one would give on the four mindsets.

Be sure to use all six panels on the brochure wisely and include a solid balance between text and graphics. Note that depending on what software is used, multiple brochures may need to be developed to meet the six-panel minimum. As such, properly labeling the brochures and/or panels is important. 

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