HRMN 467 DQ 1 Human Resource Management homework help

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When you post your responses, you must use the resources from the class. Occasionally it may be helpful to search other resources, and some assignments may call for additional research, but in the Discussion area, I am really looking for evidence that you read the course material and can apply it. 

Question 1: Global HR differs from domestic HR in many ways. Describe two functions of HR (e.g. staffing, training, compensation) and how they are different in a global environment. 

Question 2: Describe in your own words, the difference between global and international. Be sure to use our reading (Globalization and HR) to support your description. 

Week 1 – What is Global HR? (Add weeks)

HRMN 467 6381 Global Human Resource Management (2222)


Human resource management is one of the world’s fastest growing fields and presents

unprecedented opportunity for global advancement. The global human resource management course

prepares you to deal with all aspects of human resources within the worldwide context, including

US-based organizations doing business internationally and non-US-based organizations operating


Global Human Resource Management (HRMN 467) is a comprehensive study of global human

resource management. On completion of this course, you will be able to demonstrate intercultural

competencies, identify trends in the globalized workforce, and analyze policies, practices, and

functions in global human resources. To do this, you will design a strategic staffing plan that includes

recruiting, training, compensation, and evaluation. You will also complete a reflective exercise to

assess your intercultural competencies and discuss current trends in global human resources.

Week 1 Aligned to course outcome #

Describe the difference between an

international organization, a multinational

organization and a global organization.


Describe challenges associated with a

global workforce


To Do List:

1. Chapter 1 of the Bhebe book:



Introduction to Global HR
PDF document

Globalization and Human Resource

PDF document

Global Human Resources Management (Bhebe, 2019)

2. During week 1 we will begin by discussing the challenges of a global environment and the

definition of what it means to be a global workforce.

Read the Introduction to Global HR.

This text will give you a general overview of all the topics we will cover in Global HR. Keep it as your

primary resource. Then each week we will delve into a specific topic from this text.

To cite this resource:

UMGC (2018). Introduction to Global HR. Retrieved


3. Next, read Globalization and HR. To cite this resource:

Sims, R. (2019) Human Resources Management Issues, Challenges and Trends: “Now and Around the

Corner”, Information Age Publishing. pp. 31–52.

4. Participate in the weekly discussion

0 % 0 of 3 topics complete

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