Homework 13 PHENOMENOLOGICAL DATA ANALYSIS Begin analysis of the written phenomenological reflection (bottom Part) your participant. These instructions


Begin analysis of the written phenomenological reflection (bottom Part) your participant. These instructions

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Begin analysis of the written phenomenological reflection (bottom Part) your participant. These instructions follow the first 4 steps given on pp. 53-54 of the Polkinghorne reading, “Phenomenological Research Methods.”

Step 1. Have the participant’s account (hard copy or digital file) in front of you, and also have 2 or more blank sheets of paper (or an empty Word document) nearby so you can write down/type your responses during the following steps. Read over your participant’s account once to get a sense of the whole.

Step 2. Read through the account again, but this time,
· divide the text into individual sections, or “meaning units”.
· Identify the breaks between meaning units by noting when your participant either changes the subject, goes to a new point, and/or starts to describe a new activity or memory.

· Please mark (on the participant’s self-reflection) when each break occurs through the use of some sort of symbol

(ex: a line separating one section from the next, an asterisk at the beginning of a new section, etc.). Now number each meaning unit in order.

Step 3. On your blank sheet of paper (or Word document),
· “translate” the main meaning of each meaning unit into a simple sentence, in your own language. This sentence should express the psychological aspects of the experience described in the meaning unit.

Step 4. Now, read the first meaning unit from the participant’s reflection, as well as your one-sentence translation from Step 3.

Ask two questions of these data:

1. “What does this tell me about what it is like to experience this strong emotion in relation to the pandemic?”
2. “What does this tell me about the personal meaning to the participant of experiencing this emotion?”
On a new sheet of paper (or page of your Word document),
· write/type your responses to these questions. If the first meaning unit doesn’t contain anything relevant to these questions, skip it. Now, repeat this questioning (“interrogation”) process with the other meaning units.

Step 5. Turn in a scan/photo or digital file of the marked-up participant’s reflection, plus a document (Word, RTF, or PDF) containing your translations of the meaning units and your interrogations of these data. Include both Header and Title at the top of your document
Self- reflection

The Coronavirus was a very unfortunate situation that I never saw it coming. It changed my life in general and my lifestyle as well as social status. My experience with COVID- 19 is similar to that of many people. I had neglected and ignored the pandemic during its initial outbreak and as it progressed until it hit my family. I felt so devastated as my elder sister underwent dialysis. It was sad that my father was already giving up on her because she had suffered a lot. However, my sister stayed strong and kept fighting for her life. At this point, I realized the Coronavirus affects the victim and those close to the bearer of the virus. I was so anxious and depressed when my sister contracted the virus. I ended up questioning how she got exposed. She had been one person who had taken the virus very seriously and followed all the expected measures to prevent contracting it. I felt like my emotionally mental health was entirely shut down throughout the pandemic. I was extremely anxious most of the time as and with every minute that passed, I kept thinking about her. We had grown together since childhood, and we, therefore, had a very close connection. I agree that we had not been the perfect siblings, but we loved and protected one another as our lives depended on it. I cursed the days when we used to fight and go to bed upset and spend the following day not talking to each other. I could not stand the isolation.
We missed her a lot as a family because nothing was the same without her. Like watching our favorite tv channels, the afternoon ice creams, after supper stories, and Sunday church service. The what-if possibilities that roamed my mind made me so restless. Each day, the news on the television showed how the virus was killing more people every day. There was no hope for the vaccine at the moment and to survive was by grace. I was traumatized seeing her in the ICU unit with pipes all over her body as doctors did their best to save her young life. I was off most of the time, and my attention and focus level went low. I could sometimes think of situations deep down in my mind while someone was standing in front of me talking to me. The situation disrupted everything I imagined about the future. All the plans we had with my sister. We would raise our kids differently from how our parents raised us and many other good things. Then, late last year, she succumbed to the virus, and I felt like the world had come to a standstill. I had heard people talk of their experience of losing their loved ones but never imagined it felt this pain. That incident changed me in a greater sense; I was so depressed. My friend said I had changed; I was no longer the person they knew. It was hard for me to move on and still even I lost friends during my healing process. It all happened so suddenly, and that was the last thing I ever imagined.

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