Help In Government Peer Review 175 Word Once you enter the discussion board forum, select CREATE THREAD for your initial post. You must also respond to a

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Help In Government Peer Review 175 Word Once you enter the discussion board forum, select CREATE THREAD for your initial post.
You must also respond to at least 1 (one) classmate’s post by the due date to receive full credit. Each response must be between 150-175 words.  {Any quoted text in your submission does not count towards the minimum word count requirement.}
Use Microsoft Word to compose your answer. Save your work to your computer, and then copy and paste it to the discussion board. If the discussion board “eats” or “loses” your answer, you can simply copy and paste it to the discussion board again. Collette Terry
Government 2305

1.If Americans live in such a great democracy, why do they vote at rates which are among the lowest in the democratic world? Why do other democracies have higher voter turnout? Is the problem psychological? Cultural? Institutional? Please discuss at least three possible reasons that directly relate to low VT in the US. 
Ans. I believe most Americans recognize how important voting is in our democracy. However, there are significant reasons for low voter turn-out in the US. Psychologically, majority of eligible voters feel voting has little impact on their lives and voting will not change how the country is run. Voters have become increasingly less trusting of government and its electoral system, and another simple truth is people just don’t like the candidates running for office and makes them less likely to become politically engaged do research candidates. Culturally, many eligible voters are discouraged from voting due to unnecessary barriers in registering and casting ballots and research has shown the black Americans are more likely to encounter these barriers compared to white Americans. Studies have suggested that low-income Americans are less likely to participate in elections compared to educated, higher-income individuals. This is most likely due to voting literacy, understanding each candidate’s political philosophy and how those candidate’s positions affect daily life. Institutional barriers restrict those voters who have a prior felony conviction and about 21 million Americans who cannot afford a proper identification or state photo ID. Other barriers include transportation to polling places and allowing working individuals paid time off to go and cast their vote. One reason being that some other democracies have higher voter turn-out is that they have compulsory voting, that is voting is mandatory and penalties may be imposed for those individuals who fail to provide a valid reason for not voting. Twenty-one nations around the world have some form of compulsory voting and some of the penalties include permanent loss of voting privileges, fines, and irrevocable criminal conviction.

2. Assuming that low voter turnout in the U.S. is a problem (an assumption you may wish to challenge), how would you attempt to increase voter turnout? Please discuss at least two possible ways to increase VT in the US.
Ans. How would I attempt to increase voter turnout? I would encourage others to vote using social media streams, volunteering on my potential candidate’s campaign, or placing a sign in my yard. Ways to increase voter turn-out, one would be allowing individuals to register on election day. Pre-registering can be a hassle, also trying to locate voter registration card to present on election day can be discouraging. Allowing voters to register at the poll would illuminate that frustration. Another way to increase voter turn-out would be to give paid time for individuals to vote.

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