Healthy People Clinical Assignment # 4 Healthy People 2030 (20 points) CSLO # 5 Identify four (4) Healthy P

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Clinical Assignment # 4 Healthy People 2030 (20 points) CSLO # 5 Identify four (4) Healthy People 2030 objectives related to this health care service and create 1 SMART goal for each objective – four (4) goals. Explain why you believe that these are the most important objectives and goals for this community facility; submit to drop box following Monday by 9:00 am; include your name, questions, answers, and clinical location.

Example: Be sure to use OBJECTIVES from HP 2030 and create (write) 1 SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timed)

Example Objective: Use this path to get to the objectives: – objectives and data (drop down tab) – browse objectives (drop down tab) You can scroll down and choose the objective that fits best. Next, scroll down and choose an objective that has the letter and number and copy the appropriate ones that you will use. Choose four (4) of these that fit for your health care service. The one I copied below is from physical activity objective (PA) Don’t forget to explain why these were chosen.

Reduce the proportion of adults who do no physical activity in their free time — PA-01

Example Goal: The hospice client will have a reported pain rating of 4/10 or less and reported average pain of 4/10 this week on new pain management plan at next week’s visit by the hospice nurse. (this might be realistic if current rating is 6/10 and change to plan includes medications changes and other treatment options, it is measurable and timed) Then explain why your believe these are the most important objectives and goals for your clients. (About a paragraph for each goal)

I chose these goals

Goal: To reduce sexually transmitted infections and their complications and improve access to quality STI care.

Goal: To Reduce rates of infectious diseases and improve health for people with chronic infections.

Goal: To Increase vaccination rate

Goal: Improve health communication.

This is the clinic

Service giving in the clinic is:-

· TB screening

· Flu and covid vaccine

· Immunization

· STI testing

· HIV testing

· And counseling

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