Health Assessment 1 Health Assessment Summary of the interview and a description of the communication techniques you would use with your assigned patient (

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Health Assessment 

Summary of the interview and a description of the communication techniques you would use with your assigned patient (   26-year-old Lebanese female living in graduate-student housing  ). Explain why you would use these techniques. Identify the risk assessment instrument you selected and justify why it would be applicable to the selected patient. Provide at least five targeted questions you would ask the patient. APA style 5 citation/references not older than 5 years

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Provide at least five targeted questions you would ask the patient.

Five targeted questions I would ask her to build a health history will include; 1) what is your reason for seeking care? 2) Tell me about your previous living conditions? 3) Are you sexually active? 4) How do you cope up with stress, and 5) Do you have a support system or anyone that can help you in times of illness? These five questions may provide me with important information about her health risks and ways she manages an illness.

Lebanese Female in Graduate-Student Housing


A 26-year-old Lebanese female living in graduate-student housing presents to the clinic. I enter

the exam room and ask the patient how she communicates best. The student is a graduate

student and probably speaks English as a second language. I will not assume and bring in a

translation device with me. As an Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP), I know that I need to

communicate with many patients throughout the day, that come from very different environments

and social complexities. However, I must show that I am a non-judgmental person or use

medical jargon that my patients may not understand (Ball et al., 2019, pg. 8).

Communication and interview techniques for building a health history differ with each patient.

All four of the scenario patients live in different environments and have many diverse social

complexities. Therefore, questions during their interviews would differ vastly for some. Some

may experience more financial burdens than others and not have a means to quality healthcare.

For some, it may be an issue of cultural diversity that exists.

According to Wu & Orlando (2015), health risk assessments provide an opportunity to promote

health and educate on disease prevention for individuals and populations. A vital component of

health risk assessments is a comprehensive collection of personal health history information.

This information helps establish risk both for common conditions and more rare diseases.

Risk Assessment

One risk assessment that should be asked of every patient is a risk assessment for suicide. There

are many school pressures, and being in a foreign country could be a huge que for depression.

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College students are becoming increasingly depressed; however, many do not attend university

counseling to seek help (D’Amico et al., 2016).

Being Lebanese, certain cancers affect them more than others due to a heavy prevalence of

smoking. Due to smoking, bladder cancer is a huge concern for this population. Bladder cancer

cases that were the result of smoking in Lebanon among males and females are 33.4 and 18.6%,

respectively, according to Temraz et al. (2019).

Asking if the patient smokes would be a crucial question to ask. Sharing Evidence-Based

Research with the patient would be of the utmost importance.

Target Health Questions

If I were to develop targeted questions that I would ask my patient to assess her health risks and

begin building a health history. I would start with what brings you to see me today. Then I

would ask if she has any culture or spiritual practices that I need to be aware of/ and or if she is

involved with any spiritual groups within the community. I would ask her how important her

schoolwork and finishing her degree is to her. I would ask if she was under any duress or

depressed in her school life or social life. If she answers positively to depression, I would ask if

she seeks support for her college. I would ask if the patient smokes and/or uses alcohol to help

with stress? I would ask her if she was sexually active and how she feels about contraceptive

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