Geo Research “Explain why Russia is in a demographic collapse” ABOUT THE RESEARCH PAPER You can select a topic from the list of approved topics (availab

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Geo Research “Explain why Russia is in a demographic collapse” ABOUT THE RESEARCH PAPER

You can select a topic from the list of approved topics (available from the course website in Blackboard).

The issue is not that more than one student writes about the same topic.

The big issue is relevance to the course and the course material.

The research paper must include a bibliography (in alphabetical order by author).

The research paper also requires a title page, a table of contents page, and section headings within the body of the paper.

The minimum number of pages is a total of seven:

#1 title page

#2 table of contents page

#3, 4, 5, 6 four pages of research

#7 bibliography page

It is suggested (but not required) that graphic items (pictures, maps, diagrams) be put on separate pages at the end of the paper.

Make reference to them within the body of the paper, ex.: “see Figure 1a”, “refer to Map 2”, etc.

Note that graphic items are not required for this paper.

The table of contents page is an outline with page numbers.

This shows organization in the paper.

You will use the topics listed in the table of contents within the paper as section headings.

The section headings represent logical breaks in the information you are presenting.

There is not a section heading for every paragraph or page, just at points in the paper where you have changed the topic being discussed.

You must use 12 point, with one inch margins, double-spaced.

Using fonts other than Times-New Roman, Arial, or Calibri will result in points deducted.

Four bibliographic sources are required; they can be all websites, all bound volumes, or a mix of the two formats.

The textbook may be used as a source, but not as one of the four required sources.

Dictionaries do not qualify as bibliographic sources.

Points will be deducted for citing dictionaries as sources.
To receive full credit, any websites used as sources must be listed in the bibliography with complete, functional web addresses.

“Web, date” is not acceptable.

Websites must be credible, associated with a governmental agency, a university or college, a corporation or business of repute, a non-profit organization of repute, or from a published source.

This insures editorial review and identification of copyright.

Sources should be cited within the paper with parentheses.

Don’t use footnotes.

Example: Jones said so in a recent paper (Jones, 2003).

Example: In a recent paper, Jones said, “This is so…” (Jones, 2003).

A paper with no citations within the body of the paper will lose points.

Please make sure that grammar and spelling are correct.

Use complete sentences and avoid fragments.

Keep paragraphs compact, internally unified, and presented in a logical sequence.

Section headings and a table of contents referring to these headings help organize the paper.
Any academic standard (MLA, APA, etc.) is acceptable.

However, Internet sources require functional web addresses.

Grading Rubric for Papers

I. Structure = 25 points
A. Introduction
B. Body
C. Conclusion
D. Footnotes or Endnotes
E. Bibliography
II. Mechanics =25 points
A. Grammar (including proper use of words)
B. Sentence structure and phrasing
C. Overall readability of paper
D. Correct format and usage of footnotes or endnotes
E. Correct format for bibliography

Grading Rubric for Papers (Continued)

III. Content =50 points
A. Is it apparent that student is familiar with their source?
B. How well does student prove her/his point?
C. Does student use valid comparisons and contrasts?
D. Does the introduction give a thorough overview of paper?
E. Did student integrate book into paper?
F. How well does the paper address its thesis?
G. Does the conclusion bring paper to a proper close?

As a courtesy to the instructor, if you compose your paper in an Apple computer or if you use “open source” software to write the paper, you must save it as “rich text format” or as a .rtf file.

If you save the paper in the default format provided in these two computing environments, the instructor may not be able to open the paper.

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