finish the homework follow the instrucionts choose one of this Robert Greenleaf, Williams Deming, Peter Drucker, Abraham Maslow. and answer the ques

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follow the instrucionts choose one of this Robert Greenleaf,

Williams Deming,

Peter Drucker,

Abraham Maslow.

and answer the questions around 1000 words

Assignment 4: Neoclassical Leader Paper

This paper will be submitted in two parts.

Part 1:

· Submit a draft of your introductory paragraph

· the outline for your paper that includes three points for each required topic with citations and

· a draft of your reference list. 

· You will be given feedback on this submission that you will use to write the completed paper.  

Part 2:

Based on the feedback from your outline in Part 1, write a 1000-1200 word paper (APA 7, double-spaced) summarizing what you have learned from ONE of the identified leaders about their leadership and why these points are important to you personally. Use any one of the following neoclassical leaders:

· Robert Greenleaf,

· Williams Deming,

· Peter Drucker,

· Abraham Maslow.

Other options:

If you want you may get permission (email me) to write about one of the following instead of the previous four Neo-classical leaders:

· Mary Parker Follet

· Douglas McGregor

· Chester Barnard

· Henry Mintzberg

· Margaret Wheatley

Topics to cover in your paper:

•Worldview: Introduce the thinker and give a background of who they were, how they were educated, where they grew up, etc to provide perspective on their worldview.

•Theories: Explain their main intellectual discoveries, theories, ideas, etc

•Differences from Scientific Management: How were their ideas different from classical perspectives such as Taylor’s scientific management (Please reference Taylor in this response)

•Support for Scientific Management: How could their theories work in conjunction with scientific management principles (How do their theories and scientific management work together to create a better product)

•Life Example: How have you seen these theories used in life, give one example from your life that demonstrates a leadership principle from your chosen neo-classical leader

•Future Use: How might you implement these ideas in your future educational experiences at TWU? How might they be used if you were working in your dream career?

Important Note:

Please cite your references if you are using quotes (remember that I want to see your understanding of the quote, not just the quote – use quotes minimally).  Suggestion:  one quotation (citation) per page. Spelling and grammar are part of your grade, as is proper APA usage and referencing.

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