Final est your Assumptions! Do a SWOT Analysis. This assignment must include: Realistic information based on research on the regions/countri

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 est your Assumptions!  Do a SWOT Analysis.

  1. This assignment must include:
    1. Realistic information based on research on the regions/countries in your supply chain.  Identify their strengths and weaknesses relating to an uninterrupted, effective, and efficient supply chain.
    2. Realistic information based on research on the materials that will be used for your products. Are they:
      • available,
      • design quality,
      • plentiful, and
      • cost effective?
    3. The results of your realistic examination of your shipping lanes:
      • What mode(s) will you use?
      • Is/Are it/they reliable, cost-effective, and available?
      • If inherent drawbacks exist, what are they?
    4. SWOT analysis for each channel (it is okay for you decide that a channel is too risky; this is the purpose of this exercise).
    5. Incorporation of social and environmental factors with monetary ones.:
  2. Cite your research.
  3. Use APA format and MS WORD.
  4. Your paper (content portion) must be a minimum of three pages.

Fresh Fruits
Expand Your Business Plan

Global Supply Chain Management

(Man 4597)

Instructor Dr. Richard Sarabia

Rossana Nieves

Alexandra Torres

Haissa Valdes Fuentes


The business of selling imported fruits in the country may at some point prove difficulty as it requires a lot of initial investment, for this reason, the management will need a sophisticated management plan to create the surety on the intended goals. That includes

Financial plan

Licensing and permits

Background checks


One of the most important goals of the business is to have a steady financial flow while profit maximization is the main objective.

The main strategy of the business is to reduce the money channel process so that the finances are handled by a selective few. This will encourage accountability and promote transparency in handling finances.

Management team

Financial programs


The business management team will oversee the different duties to associated parties as this will promote the speed of work and avoid conflicts in the course of work.

The team will comprise sections that will also need managers to help run and monitor the rest of the employees thus division of labor and specialization will be very important to implement.


The main competitors of the business are already established fruit sellers such as Gebbers Farms and Borton and Sons, these two companies have had a good run in the market, thus, are serious competitors in the market.

Set competitive prices

Make competitive analysis

Provide great customer services

Change your business to stay ahead


Fruits are very important for the healthy living of an individual therefore it is forecast that most of the public will provide a market for the business.

– One of our first goals will be to establish a social media marketing plan.

– Utilize radio stations in advertising and television channels.

– Free gifts when customers buys goods.

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