Entrepreneurship Your Block 1 for your Business Plan will require that you develop the following objectives which will be an integral part of the first fiv

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Your Block 1 for your Business Plan will require that you develop the following objectives which will be an integral part of the first five sections of the business plan. As a model and guide use the “table of contents” for “The Daily Perc” Business Plan on pages 490-522 for Edition 3 & for Edition 2 pages 50-73. DO NOT USE DAILY PERC AS YOUR BUSINESS. Your grade will be dismissed.

(The Chapters related to this Block 1 are 1,2 and 3)

1.0 Executive Summary

      1.2 Keys to Success

2.0 Mission, Vision, and Culture

      2.1 Mission

       2.2 Vision

      2.3 Culture

3.0 Company Summary

      3.1 Company Ownership

4.0 Market Analysis Summary

       4.3.1 Competition and Buying Patterns

5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary

       5.2 Competitive edge

Business Plan Template

U.S. Small Business Administration
Small Business Training Network


Five Important Tips
Before You Start!

1. The business plan should tell a compelling

story about your business, explaining who,
what, when, where, how and why.

2. Your plan should be focused and clear. It’s
not about the number of pages or style of the

3. The plan should define specific business
objectives and goals with general parameters
to guide the organization.

4. Writing a business plan should force logic
and discipline into a business.

5. A good business plan is a living document.
It should be updated regularly.


Title Page

Your Company Name

Street Address
City, State & Zip Code

Phone Number
E-Mail Address
Web Address

Business Plan


Table of Contents

1. Table of Contents…………………………………

2. Executive Summary………………………………

3. Business Description & Vision………………….

4. Definition of the Market………………………….

5. Description of Products and Services…………….

6. Organization & Management…………………….

7. Marketing and Sales Strategy…………………….

8. Financial Management……………………………

9. Appendices……………………………………….


Executive Summary

This section should:

• Be written last
• Provide an enthusiastic snapshot of your company,

explaining who you are, what you do and why
• Be less than 2 pages

After reviewing this
section the reader

• Want to learn more about your business
• Have a basic understanding about your company

Start here…


Business Description & Vision

This section should

• Mission statement (business purpose)
• Company vision (statement about company growth)
• Business goals and objectives
• Brief history of the business
• List of key company principals

After reviewing this
section the reader
should know:

• Who the business is and what it stands for
• Your perception of the company’s growth & potential
• Specific goals and objectives of the business
• Background information about the company

Start here…..


Definition of the Market

This section should:

• Describe your business industry and outlook
• Define the critical needs of your perceived or existing

• Identify your target market
• Provide a general profile of your targeted clients
• Describe what share of the market you currently have

and/or anticipate

After reviewing this
section the reader
should know:

• Basic information about the industry you operate in
and the customer needs you are fulfilling

• The scope and share of your business market, as well
as who your target customers are

Start here…..


Description of Products and Services

This section should:

• Specifically describe all of your products and services
• Explain how your products and services are

• If applicable, reference a picture or brochure of your

products, which would be included in the plan’s

After reviewing this
section the reader
should know:

• Why you are in business
• What your products and services are and how much

they sell for
• How and why your products & services are


Start here…..


Organization & Management

This section should:

• Provide a description of how your company is
organized as well as an organization chart, if available

• Describe the legal structure of your business
(proprietorship, partnership, corporation, etc.)

• Identify necessary or special licenses and/or permits
your business operates with

• Provide a brief bio description of key managers within
the company

After reviewing this
section the reader
should know:

• The legal form of ownership for your business
• Who the leaders are in your business as well as their

• The general flow of operations within the firm

Start here…..


Marketing and Sales Strategy

This section should:

• Identify and describe your market – who your
customers are and what the demand is for your
products & services

• Describe your channels of distribution
• Explain your sales strategy, specific to pricing,

promotion, products and place (4Ps)

After reviewing this
section the reader

• Who your market is and how you will reach it
• How your company will apply pricing, promotion,

product diversification and channel distribution to sell
your products and services competitively

Start here…..


Financial Management

This section should

Click here: for
automated Balance
Sheet template

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automated Income
Statement template

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automated Cash Flow
Statement template

New Business
• Estimate of start-up costs
• Projected balance sheet (1 year forward)
• Projected income statement (1 year forward)
• Projected cash flow statement (12 months forward)

Existing Business

• Balance sheets (last 3 years)
• Income statements (last 3 years)
• Cash flow statement (12 months)

If Applying for a Loan

• Current personal financial statement on each principal
• Federal tax return for prior year

After reviewing this
section the reader

• Have a good understanding regarding the financial
capacity and/or projections for your company

Start here…..



This section should
include as attachments:

• Company brochures
• Resumes of key employees
• List of business equipment
• Copies of press articles and advertisements (if

• Pictures of your business location and products

• Information supporting the growth of your industry

and/or products (optional)
• Key business agreements, such as lease, contracts, etc.


Start here…..

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