ENTREPRENEURIAL MANAGEMENT U need read the instruction carefully, read the case first and the ppt that i upload, and finish the paper by fulfill the templa

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ENTREPRENEURIAL MANAGEMENT U need read the instruction carefully, read the case first and the ppt that i upload, and finish the paper by fulfill the template I upload and finish all the question in 1750 words. You must read the instruction carefully and satisfy all the request of the instruction,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the document, the first one is the instruction, the second is the template that you need to finish, the third one is the case, and the rest are the ppt of the course MGT 246 Individual Final Report (take-home exam)

Fall 2021
It is very important to read this document (guidelines and hints) carefully before, during
and after you attempt the questions.


1. This exam aims to cover the entire course, so all topics may be applicable.

2. First, buy the exam case here: https://hbsp.harvard.edu/import/888475 Click “Purchase
Coursepack” to pay $4.25 for the case. Let me know ASAP if there are any issues.

3. Please use your UCR email to register and download the case. Every student is required
to purchase the case to protect the authors’ intellectual property. NO sharing of the case
is allowed.

4. This exam is open-note, open-readings, open-slides, but closed Internet (So no need for a
reference list). Speak to no one other than the professor about any aspect of the exam,
questions, or the case.

5. Your submission will be checked against SafeAssign.

6. Strict 2000 maximum word limit of the entire document (including the template). One
point off per 50 words over (rounded up).

7. Use the MS Word template on Canvas (no PDFs). Do not reformat the template.

8. There is no need for an introduction, background, or conclusion. You can waste a max of
100 combined words on these superfluous parts, with 1 point off for every 50 words over.

9. Please bold any class terms/concepts that are key to the logics of your answer.

10. Do not include your name(s) anywhere in the submission. Include only your student ID(s)
and word count on the top of the first page.

11. The exam is due before 9 pm on 12/08 (Wednesday). Submit your exam via Canvas. I
will not give any extensions without legitimate proof of emergency ahead of time. One
point off for every hour you are late (rounded up). Please do not wait until the last

12. Double-check your uploaded document after submission on Canvas. If you are not
able to view your submission directly from the browser, I will not be able to grade it. You
are responsible for making sure your submission is successful! If your Canvas does not
work, you can email it to me in an attachment before the deadline.


Hints (to help you score higher):

13. This is not a research paper. Searching the Internet will NOT help you on the exam but
CAN hurt you by distracting you with irrelevant information. I’m interested in your
understanding and application of our course concepts to the specific case, not your
research abilities.

14. Please restrict yourself to the information provided in the case and interview. There are
many articles about the company and these events in the news and online, but they are
not relevant for the final. Evidence from outside the case will NOT count.

15. Provide evidence from the case and interview to support the reasoning, not examples
from other sources, companies or life.

16. I discourage direct quotes from the case. A few quotes may be useful, but you can
usually make the point more succinctly in your own words. You should definitely not
directly quote or even paraphrase from readings other than the case.

17. Use only the terms/concepts from this class (including all the lectures, interviews, and
class discussions) to analyze the case. Do not base your response on your knowledge
from other business classes.

18. Do not just laundry list every class terms/concepts you think applies to the situation.
Thoughtful analysis and justification are required.

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