English Week 7 DB Reply See attached Reply 1 Claros Rethinking The focal point of my research paper was to bring social awareness to the audience about ho

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English Week 7 DB Reply See attached Reply 1 Claros
The focal point of my research paper was to bring social awareness to the audience about how beneficial home education is compared to the public-school education system. I elaborated on this stance by providing facts on how much safer, customizable, and feasible home schooling was for parents and children alike. Potential benefactors outside the academic community include parents with school age children, anti-public-school groups, and parents with children almost ready for school. Parents with children reading my paper will gain beneficial information by the facts provided throughout my writing, to include parents with children on the precipice of starting school. Anti-public-school groups can add this research to their mantra/ pieces informing parents about why home education is the way ahead for children.
Now that my audience is shifting from an academic to public one, a few things in my paper will change too. This includes having an informal and subjective tone compared to a formal and objective tone. Not having such a rigid structure and incite more inquisitiveness from the reader/ audience. The goal with audience is to persuade those on the fence/ currently attending public schools and to increase social awareness of home education over public schooling. The audience can range from parents, teachers, and those with or against home education. Those that oppose the home education option will argue parents are not qualified, don’t have enough resources and socially isolating children is a huge downside to their social development. I will rebuttal by providing facts in which negate and disapprove the oppositions argument.
Based on my argument and stance I expect the audience to side with home education over the public education school system. The purpose of this paper is to inform the audience and enlighten them on the benefits on home schooling over public schools. The best way to display this is through an editorial cartoon. In order to create the cartoon that enforces my stance, I will either draw or gather pictures via the internet to help encompass the message I’m trying to get across.

Reply 2 Ivy

1 The argument for my paper was vaccines are a primary invest for a healthy life and that they prevent you from lifelong term illnesses, save you time and money and prevent you from death.
2.Outside of the academic community i think the argument should be presented to the nation at hand because we are currently during a pandemic where many lives have been taken and although we each have our own rights to do as we please with our own self but to think about those around how this could affect not just your long-term health but possibly your loved ones.
3.I honestly think my approach would somewhat be the same I would change my focal point to how it affects your neighbors and the global census and how something as everyone getting vaccinated helps to prevent major downfalls not just health wise but in your daily living.

4.I would target the nation and I believe there would be a lot of biases everything from people’s religious beliefs to people who are simply fearful then there’s some that are uneducated in the topic and aren’t willing to hear what you may have to say there’s some that will be fearful of the unknown.
5.I think some would still walk away with their opinion or belief, and I think there may be some that walk away more at ease to decide my sole purpose would simply be to not force the issue but to educate the people.
6. I would think maybe an editorial cartoon to reach not just the old but the young. I would simply draw out a picture showing the effects being unvaccinated has on the world.
7. I envision the piece being a piece in an article that show the downfall of the world simply because of being unvaccinated

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