English Paper Edit I’d like to correct the edits on this English book To the God who guides me, To my grandfather Mario, To my parents for giving me life

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English Paper Edit I’d like to correct the edits on this English book To the God who guides me,

To my grandfather Mario,

To my parents for giving me life,

To Catalina the love of my life,

To my son Santiago for teaching me to live more slowly,

To my twins, Alicia and Juan Juan, for inspiring me to write this book and showing me the formula for Happiness


Andrés has written a book whose central character

is happiness understood as a state of fullness, of feeling good. The state opposite to happiness is suffering, the cause of which is, according to Buddha, is attachment. Pain is also opposed to happiness, but since this is not a permanent state, it will be interrupted by frustrations that cause suffering, but frustrations are never an impediment to being happy again.

-This is a cyclical process that repeats over and over again. Only those who achieve enlightenment, Nirvana, Buddha, are freed from suffering. This suffering is mental, psychological and a product of what we think. Pain, on the other hand, is physical and is felt in the body.

-Andrés in his pages tells us experiences with which he has been happy and due to his generous nature, he has proposed to make them known so that the reader, supported by the conclusions that are offered, can conquer your own happiness. In no paragraph of the book does he quote Buddha, nor does he oppose the attachments he feels towards his wife, his three children, his parents and his friends as well as his own attachments. For the reader these are clear indications to help the good living on his existential path.

Andrés is an example of self-improvement, someone who started from the lowest rung of the economic ladder and has been rising thanks to his intelligence, positive attitude and education. He is an excellent reader and a successful lecturer as you will see from his experiences, some narrated here, a book that is eagerly read because it is interesting, easy and pleasant to read.



It is incredible how calm it was in the intensive care room, I had been there for several days and I felt great because my mind was clear, I was not worried, I felt that God was with me and I was in a state that in positive psychology they call flow. This is a concept proposed by the psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihály, in 1975, which is related to creativity, talent and happiness. It is also one of the basic pillars of positive psychology. It is also known as “being in the zone” since the person who performs an activity is completely concentrated, energized, participatory and enjoying. In essence, flow is characterized by being absorbed in what one is doing and momentarily lost in space and time. I don’t like the word flow because it makes me think of a reggaeton artist with hip pants, large gold chains on his chest and music with lyrics that are not exactly poetic, but after investigating,


I discovered that for many years Eastern cultures and religions such as Buddhism and Taoism have used it to refer to states of great happiness and balance of body and mind.

Being in a clinic is never easy for anyone because it is having death close by, it is being surrounded by machines that sound non-stop, seeing patients getting complications and doctors and nurses running from one place to another. However, being in the middle of this scenario did not cause me hopelessness or worry, I even felt strange since regularly I did not lead life so calmly.

In that intensive care room there were many children with different pathologies, some sicker than others, like a baby who had some episodes of seizures. Among them was my beautiful Alicha, as we call my daughter Alicia. She was not ill but was undergoing preventive controls because she was born weighing less than two kilograms and since a baby decreases 10% of its weight in the first days after birth, we had to wait to find out if all of her organs were developed. My other twin son Juan Juan was at home with his mother because he had no weight problems.


My wife Catalina was with her heart in her hand after having to leave her newborn daughter in the intensive care unit and not being able to see her again until she was discharged and I would be able to take her home. That’s why I stayed there with Alicha. They had to do a lot of studies and monitor her constantly. First, they began to give her an ounce of the bottle so that they could gradually increase the amount of food from her. They told me that if everything went well, and I proved to be a good dad by being able to feed her and remove the gases without problem, in a few days we could go home.

One of those nights, I noticed that something was happening because all the doctors and nurses were together and they looked worried. After sharing long waiting hours we already knew each other, we had had several conversations, I felt that they loved me and helped me a lot because it was not common to see a father there since those who accompany their babies are generally mothers. After what seemed like many meetings, one of the nurses came to my side and I saw that she began to prepare a crib, Alicha was asleep and something told me that they were going to take her out of the incubator.


I am sure that before I would have been angry and would have asked for thousands of explanations but when I found myself in that state of tranquility, of flow, where even I did not understand so much peace, I just thought that if they had decided in that medical meeting that my daughter was the baby they had to take out of their incubator was for two main reasons: she no longer needed to be there, she was the one with the least complications in the entire room, and there would be a baby for whom it was a matter of life and death to be in the incubator.

When I confirmed with the nurse that they were going to take her out of the incubator, or the spaceship as my eldest son Santiago called it, she congratulated me for taking it in a good way because they did not know if I was going to understand what was happening.

It was very late and there were no more parents in the room. I spent hours there because the baby had to drink a bottle every three hours without fail, she also had to have gases removed and a change of diaper. The truth is I did not want to leave her alone for a minute. When I looked directly into her eyes, I saw a little angel and it seemed as if she wanted to speak to me. We had a wonderful connection and I think she still remembers that experience because now, after two years, she doesn’t let go of me for a minute.


I saw a baby who was very ill and two premature twins had just been born, I think five months old, who had to be intubated and needed the incubator urgently. Seeing those twins together and in this state of gravity, I began to understand many things when I thought about the suffering of their parents and how lucky I was. So, I looked at my daughter, I hugged her tightly and tears rolled down my cheeks until one of her fell on her nose. She did not wake up, she understood that it was my way of telling her that I loved her.

From one moment to the next, from the bottom of my heart and without thinking, I concentrated and thanked God for having the opportunity to be there. There are many people who do not have access to good health care in our country. Every day we hear of complaints from users who spend months waiting for appointments for a specialist. Fortunately I had the opportunity to be there, in that clinic, which I consider the best in the city, with the best professionals.

Some will think that I am crazy to say that at that moment I began to feel that I was talking to God. But I’m not, I don’t know why he noticed me and had the grace to speak to me. Maybe he saw


my sincere gratitude because never, in my 42 years of life, had I achieved that level of spiritual connection. Many events of my life began to go through my mind, I thought that I am blessed because I have achieved and have everything I have ever wanted: a wonderful and large family; Being from a humble family I studied high school in a private school; I am a professional, I specialized and have been working for 21 years in the company I always dreamed of; I have a beautiful wife, a very intelligent and loving seven-year-old son and, as if that were not enough and without any inheritance, I have Alicha and Juan Juan, my two twins who steal my breath and my sleep.

I thought that my life was unique and extraordinary but I had never been so aware of it to the point that I came up with the lines of this book one by one. This book is a story written in an intensive care room, guided and dictated by God and the Holy Spirit who wanted me not to leave this world without sharing with all of you my key stories, those unexpected miracles, turning points or moments unique ones that I will be grateful for over and over again. I remembered great people who have crossed my path, people who without having to,


they reached out to me, helped me, gave me advice, a hug or scolded me from time to time.

I always wanted to write a book but it was only until December 2, 2018 that, in those circumstances, I had the inspiration to do it. Or rather, only until that day did God show me the way and inspire me in what to say and how to say it. I hope you enjoy it because it is the formula for happiness, simple and proven by the hundreds of people who have heard me tell it.


In this book you will find 15 keys or guides that will help you take your life on the path to happiness.


Key 1

Be thankful for how much or how little you have.

Being happy is simple: it is a matter of positive attitude towards what we have and what happens to us.

Part 1, Talking to god

Chapter 1


The Origin of this book

when I connected with God in the intensive care room, and I thanked him from the bottom of my heart, he said: Why don’t you tell your story to the world? People are sad, heartbroken and do not want to understand that being happy is supremely easy as well as free.

It was not very difficult to convince me because I really enjoy talking and telling stories. So there, in that same room, I said yes: that I was going to start telling that message to the world, find the inspiration, that from that day on I put my life and that of my family in his hands to guide us and that if I had ever mistrusted Him, or had not been the good person He wanted me to be, to forgive me because only when my twins were born I understood the power of gratitude with Him as the only way to be happy and make others happy.


andrés jaramillo

The idea was to write this book telling the main key stories that have changed the course of my life, my many miracles. Not so that they know about me but so that they understand that we all have thousands of key stories, or miracles, in life and we do not take care of them, we are not aware of them. My idea is that they find their own key stories, thank God and the people who made them possible and thus discover the infinite power that gratitude has.

Being in that intensive care room, I began to write: ideas flowed easily to me, I knew how many chapters the book would have and what characters. I started doing research on the internet every time Alicha fell asleep and took the opportunity to organize what the book would be. He believed that she had discovered the subject because she thought that he was the only one who had thought of it or the only one whom God had chosen for such an important mission. But I realized that there is a whole world economy that revolves around the pursuit of happiness with thousands and thousands of books, mentors, coaches and even famous universities like Harvard and Yale that have well known courses on how to be happy.


The literature on the subject of happiness is extensive and that is why it took me two years to write this book, while reviewing and learning from several of the happiness-loving psychologists, psychiatrists, and writers. I discovered that it is a subject that I am passionate about and the more I studied and read, the more questions and concerns I resolved, the more I wanted to help the world be a little happier and the more I wanted to find what the formula for happiness was. For example, I was very impressed to learn that the most famous course at Harvard University, in Boston, United States, with approximately two thousand students per year was one called “Greater Happiness” taught by Tal Ben Shahar, a professor specialized in positive psychology who coined the phrase “Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” It seemed incredible to me that more than a thousand students signed up for the classes of this unique psychologist every six months.

Ben Shahar, in addition to being a teacher, has also published several books such as “Happiness” or “Being Happy is Your Decision.”

What is happiness? I could google it and put a nice and interesting definition and that


Descresse, so that they say what writer, what a wise man and thus capture their attention so that they continue reading my work, continue to be enthusiastic and want to know my life story and that of many people who, inspired by my subsequent lectures, were encouraged to tell and share with others. I gave in to the temptation, to go to Google and when I searched, I got 158 ​​million possibilities in just 0.69 seconds. Unbelievable. Everyone, from a dog to a cat, has come up with and invented a definition of happiness. I found thousands of books, authors and bibliographies. I found articles on how to be happy, foods that make you happy, why sports make you happy, how prayer and meditation make you happy and even drinking coffee makes you happy and suddenly I felt really bad for never having read a book on happiness. It may be because I thought I was happy but until that night in that intensive care room, I confess that I understood what it really means to be happy. Comment by : Runoff

Seeing that there was so much information about happiness, I was very disappointed and threw in the towel many times, because who was going to read the book of an unknown young man from a small town while so many international and national authors have already Comment by : Threw in or threw*


written so many books? So, I started reading all of them, I wanted to learn, study and know everything there was about the art of being happy, find out if my formula for happiness made sense and, most importantly, if it made sense to tell the world about it as I had promised do to God. Comment by : Review

While I was studying and as I was no longer convinced to write this book, the idea of ​​holding a lecture, something experiential and theatrical, came to my mind. I began to structure what today is the talk “The Formula of Happiness” that it led me to create a second talk called “Climbing into an Extraordinary Life.” From these talks I got more ideas and anecdotes to tell in this book and in the next ones on the same topic.

I called two great friends, who had recently retired from their jobs to become entrepreneurs. They are Andrés and Jorge, the founders of the company Crea Consultores, a start-up founded in 2018 that specializes in developing business and service models articulating the digital scene to strengthen brand experiences.


They were accomplices and architects of the talks with their ideas, motivations, desire to help and with their gift of people. If at first it seemed crazy, with time and the response of the public who told their stories and moved emotional fibers, I understood that it was the best decision or the best undertaking I had ever had in my life. Rather, a madness of the good ones. Well they say out there that crazy people are the ones who change the world.

I told them my idea and asked for their help to develop an enjoyable talk, with neuro-linguistic programming techniques, that was memorable and that they participate during it. They did a spectacular job. Initially they accompanied me to make sure that everything went very well and to correct errors in diction, pronunciation and other problems that may arise to a first-time lecturer.

They no longer go to all the talks with me and I don’t think they can imagine how many peoples lives we have changed, how many lives have been saved, improved or escalated to an extraordinary life after listening to a lunatic from Santa Rosa de Cabal, full of dreams and ideas, wanting to help build a better world. Comment by : Runoff?


Welcome to the Happiness Formula

“The Formula of Happiness” is a talk

that invites reflection through a tour of

the time in which the public discovers their Tipping Points, or breaking points, which are nothing other than the moments of change in life, those key stories that build human beings and to which we definitely owe gratitude.

In this, the miracles that transform lives are shared, where each person discovers and makes their own formula to be happy. Because from now on I reveal that this is a personal construction that at some point we must all do. That is why I use the phrase “We came into the world to be happy, why not be?”

Like the lecture, this book will address the following topics: How to be happy, my key stories, and how to learn to be grateful. An important topic because one of the crucial objectives is


andrés jaramillo

to think that when we are grateful with life perhaps we find sufficient reasons to be happy.

One day they asked me where the name came from and I think I was influenced to a great extent by the book “The Algorithm of Happiness” by the author Mo Gawdat who is an Egyptian systems engineer, nationalized from the United States, who started working for IBM Egypt, then he went to Microsoft and then to Google X. He is bald, thin and almost always in a T-shirt; he is a millionaire, is married and has two children; he collected cars and had 16 of the best brands in his garage. Yet every time he looked in the mirror he saw an unhappy man. In 2014, his son and his best friend, Ali, 21, died during an operation for appendicitis. This plunged him into deep sadness and as he began to research how to overcome this great loss in 2017 he wrote the book that would become a best-seller.

His formula says, “I discovered that happiness is a default setting. Children are born happy. But as we go through life, we grow out of that state. The key to happiness is therefore to control the way in which we compare the events of our


life with our expectations. It is about being content with what we have in the present moment, rather than striving for more.”


My lecture begins when the stage is empty and there is a slide with the name “The Formula of Happiness.” The assistants are accommodating while I am hidden.

The background music is a mix of rock, violins, cellos, and other stringed instruments from a symphony orchestra: the goal is for the

Participants to begin to relax, to bring out their deepest emotions and feelings in a few minutes. When everyone is ready and focused, we ask for silence and we put on a video called “People die.”

There I start to feel the nerves and I go to the bathroom, where I have the costumes that I am going to wear, I look at myself in the mirror and start counting to 33, a vocalization exercise that my friend Jorge taught me.

I run into the room and disguised in a wig, glasses and a lab coat and ask,


in the best style of politicians or your friends, do you know who I am? A chemist, some say. A doctor, says another. A madman, a lady in a yellow dress once said. Think! Think! Who do I look like? I mean, I’m very smart, Nobel laureate in physics. Albert Einstein, they finally say back. With the first laughs, or laughter, we are already in confidence and I no longer know who I am because when I go up on stage I forget everything. Total ecstasy. This is what I like to do, this is what I want to do until I am 100 years old, thank God for showing me this beautiful path.



Key 2

Identify the key stories – those events that build us and to which we owe gratitude. Find the path to happiness by understanding that life is a miracle factory.

Chapter 3


Albert Einstein was not happy

we all know that Albert Einstein was a theoretical physicist, who developed the theory of relativity and who received a Nobel Prize in physics. His figure and his tousled white hair are impossible not to recognize.

He had Asperger’s syndrome, a developmental disorder that leads to higher cognitive functioning but affects three aspects of life and the functioning of the person: communication, social interactions and language in relation to the skills of imagination or fiction.

Albert Einstein had difficulty learning to speak and to communicate with his surroundings. His IQ was 160 when for most people it is in the 100 range.


andrés jaramillo

The Weschler Intelligence Scale (wais) is a test to assess intellectual abilities created by psychologist David Weschler. It is based on the concept of intelligence as the set of cognitive capacities, which are organized hierarchically, with specific skills linked to different areas. These represent general intellectual skills, such as verbal comprehension and perceptual reasoning, and cognitive processing skills such as working memory and processing speed.

The following graph shows how the population is distributed according to its coefficient

(Insert graph in English)


A few days ago, on bbc news, I read about the case of a girl in London, Ophelia Morgan-Dew, who has an IQ of 171. She is able to remember events that happened to her before she was one year old and from eight months her parents noticed her great intelligence because she spoke colors, letters and numbers standing out from other children.

Einstein is listed as one of the ten most intelligent people of all time. He was a celebrity, he was loved by everyone and he was famous but one particularity caught my attention: he constantly said that he was not a happy person.

In 1922, a year after winning the Nobel Prize, he traveled to Tokyo and stayed at the Imperial Hotel. There, after reaching his room, he wanted to tip the bellhop but he didn’t have a single coin in his pockets. Not knowing what to do and feeling embarrassed, he suddenly saw one of the notepads on the nightstand and had an idea. He would write him a note with advice that might one day be of enormous financial value. It said: «A humble and quiet life brings more happiness than persecution Comment by : Double Check


andrés jaramillo

of the success and the constant restlessness that it implies ». Seeing that the bellboy was so taken aback by the unusual tip, Einstein handed him another note that read, “When there is a will, there is a way.”

Einstein said that a life led with serenity, rest, placidity, peace and calm and with an attitude that does not show off its achievements, recognizes its failures, weaknesses and acts without pride, will produce greater moments of happiness. In contrast to the search for a good reception because it will bring restlessness, nervousness, confusion and constant anxiety. One of the most wonderful brains in human existence was not happy to search the complex and not the plain and simple in life. What an important teaching he left us about happiness, I understand it more than the formula of relativity.

In 2017, 95 years later, the heirs of the Japanese button auctioned the notes for just over $ 1.6 million.

So, if everyone has a definition of happiness, it is only fair that everyone shares it in order to discover together what the formula for happiness is. Not mine but each one of you because I want to take you for a


world of key stories, events and anecdotes to recreate in their minds the events of my life and that this prompts them to look for similar events in theirs. In this way, together we will discover the important moments that will lead us to discover the formula for happiness. And so, they will be able to know how to continue applying the formula from now on to be better people every day and be aware of being grateful for everything they have.


Key 3

Seek happiness in the simplicity and simplicity of life.

Chapter 4


Success does not bring happiness, success does not bring happiness, remember it very

good. We spend our lives looking to have and to have, more and more, until we have no time to spend with what really matters: our family. I don’t say it, God, the Creator, says it in the Holy Scriptures, in a very simple way: first there is love for God and then for the couple that was chosen to create a family and have the special fruits of love that are children.

You don’t need great material wealth to be happy. The simple things in life are what get it and I emphasize that being happy is free, totally free. What do we gain from being the CEO,

the manager of a large company if we have failed marriages, lonely children at home watching Netflix or playing Play Station who we enroll in the best schools, even bilingual, because


andrés jaramillo

we have better salaries but we never see or share them with them. What is the point of such a life?

I met a very successful person who had gained national recognition in what he did but who had to schedule his wife and his three children for weekends to be with them. Success is being able to lead a quiet life and have a balanced life, the simple makes you happy.

Studying, and also during the cycles of conferences that I have done, I have met throughout the country many people of all professions, religious creeds and social strata and I discovered that unhappiness and emotional imbalance is found equally in all. The biggest surprise was to find that it was the great businessmen, executives and entrepreneurs who presented the worst problems and emotional imbalances.

They were people who had already acquired economic success and who usually lead others to think wrongly: that they are happy because they have money, social status and what more would one like than to lead the life that they lead. Well no. Talking with them I concluded that I had to develop a new conference, a


new consulting, and why not another book, whose objective was to lead people to “Climb towards an Extraordinary Life” so that when they think about their life they know where they want to go and that it is in a holistic way. Most people live an unbalanced life: a lot of money but a lousy family life; being very healthy and in incredible shape but drowning in debt; being a top executive in a multinational but having a broken heart and no one special with whom to enjoy the triumphs. An extraordinary life must have balance on all levels and thinking holistically ensures that we are happy in all areas of our life.

I have discovered over two years of lectures that rich and famous entrepreneurs and businessmen usually die young. The stress they handle added to the long working hours leads them to neglect their health. They have a sedentary life, eating imbalances and are not used to exercising. This leads to the development of chronic and mental illnesses that can lead to death and suicide. In order to have a better life, I developed an advisory strategy that


andrés jaramillo

It is called “Entrepreneurial friend, please do not die young.”

Steve Jobs, the millionaire co-founder of Apple and a brilliant entrepreneur who changed the way we communicate on the planet, died very young at just 56 years old. In 1995, when he was fired from the company that he had created, he felt so dejected that, as a result of that stress and the constant thought of having been expelled from a place that belonged to him in his own right, in addition to the unhappiness and restlessness that felt, developed pancreatic cancer in 1997. Research shows that chronic stress depression can cause cancer in as little as six months. Thanks to the money he had, Jobs was able to access the latest scientific discoveries, studies, drugs and medical treatments in order to save his life, but since the problem was mental and caused by not leading a balanced and happy life, he died. According to the data on life expectancy, compiled by Datosmacro, Jobs is an example of a famous millionaire who died below the world average life expectancy which is 86 years for women and 81 years for


Insert Graph 2. Evolution of life expectancy at birth. Source: Basic demographic indicators ine

the men. Analyzing this average by country, we note that in the United States life expectancy is 78.54 years, in Spain it is 83.5 years, in Colombia it is 77.11 years and in Japan it is 84.21 years. The country with the highest life expectancy is Andorra with 90 years and the one with the lowest life expectancy is the Central African Republic with only 52.81 years.

Other rich and famous who have also died young include: Paul Allen, the Microsoft co-founder who died of cancer at age 64; Antony Bourdain, celebrity chef, host, and documentarian who committed suicide at 62 years of age; and Robin Williams, actor and comedian who committed suicide at age 60.


andrés jaramillo

In Colombia, there is the case of Carlos Enrique Piedrahita, the former president of Grupo Nutresa, who died at the age of 64. According to an article in the newspaper La República, in recent decades he left one of the most important legacies for Colombian businessmen and was recognized for bringing success of Nutresa food company nationally and internationally. In addition, he was awarded as the first Entrepreneur of the Year by Diario newspaper in 2003 and in 2013, being the only one who has won this distinction twice in the 15 editions that this award has been awarded. …

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