English Help 2 Anderson Escobar Chapter 9 discussion COLLAPSE Top of Form Media and Criminal Justice Surveillance programs in any country are

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Anderson Escobar 

Chapter 9 discussion


Top of Form

Media and Criminal Justice

Surveillance programs in any country are there to enhance good security measures and to help the people remain safe and be protected. The media is also responsible to educate and enlighten people on ways they can stay safe and advise the citizens to be good citizens and not engage in illegal activities such as terrorism.  After viewing inside the mind of Edward Snowden, my response is that the U.S. surveillance programs should be used to monitor any threats that can lead to terrorism attacks and any other crimes. However, these surveillance programs should not interfere with every person’s privacy, but for the crime suspects only. Not every person is a suspect of crime and hence it is not fair to invade in the privacy of everyone. The media can be used to influence or hinder the development and ideology of the criminal justice system. One of the ways that the media has been used to influence the development of security and criminal justice is by campaigning for peace and order in the communities. Through the media, many people are able to see the benefit of being peaceful and not engage in criminal activities. Moreover, through the media the people will see the dangers and the struggle of becoming a crime victim which will restrict them from being involved with crime (A.P.S., 2021). There are also ways how the media has hindered the development of criminal justice. One of the ways is through the introduction of the social media platforms which has connected many people from all over the world. The offenders take advantage of these media platforms by boosting about their illegal behavior, and the crimes they have engaged in (Milivojevic, 2016). The criminal justice should work with the new media to completely ensure that the people are safe and able to conduct any activity without fear or threats of becoming a crime victim. 

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Amanda Weiner 

discussion 10


There are many different forms of media. Essentially, media are mass communication outlets that  people and information is shared through. In the case of crime and justice, legacy media and new media refers to how content is accessed, distributed and created. Due to advancements in technology and society’s reliance on social media, new media has grown far apart from legacy media. There are many negative side effects that have resulted from new media. There have been changes in how society receives and processes information and how they understand and interact with the people and world around them. New media has also developed platforms that influence one’s perception and attitudes about crime, justice, procedures, police and policies with a sole purpose to entertain the viewers. Individuals are able to communicate with more people faster but with less face to face interactions. Information on crime and justice policies are shared, watched, reviewed and interacted with by thousands. People not only get to watch these things happening, they also get to interact with them. Legacy media followed a slower step by step process before criminal activity was broadcasted publicly. It usually followed as: a crime was committed, an arrest was made, then a punishment was then given, followed by a story being promoted. New media has had many effects on criminality and victimization. New media has led to the creation of ways to commit old crimes and developed new crimes to be committed. Cyber crime has developed and has become a leading criminal justice concern. Bullying, slander, and rumors have grown to have dangerous affects on people such leding to school shooting and suicide. Terriorism is an old crime that is seen as being committed in new ways as a result of new media. It is seen that terrorist attacks, are able to take place over the internet. Since political views, speeches and nearly all government information can be viewed or hacked into, cyber crime has developed and attacks on the government and online databases have been made. 

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Evelyn Castillo 



I have learned a lot about crime, justice, and the media in this course. It goes without saying that the media has a powerful impact on how the public perceives and reacts to crime and the criminal justice system. The way that the public perceives crime has other far-reaching effects; the public perceives the social conditions and what policies should be put into place in order to combat the “issues” that should be solved according to the media (Surette, 2014). Cancel culture is an example of how powerful the media can be within society. There are many descriptions for cancel culture; two of these ideas, in particular, stood out to me; the idea that cancel culture is a way to attack traditional American values or to keep people accountable. The media has created a whole new issue with this; with the idea that we MUST keep people in their place and censor and control what they say. “Overall, 58% of U.S. adults say in general, calling out others on social media is more likely to hold people accountable, while 38% say it is more likely to punish people who don’t deserve it“ (Vogels, 2021). The new media has fed our generation the idea of a euphoric world; one that should be absent of offenses and harshness (Even if it’s true) and anything that challenges this notion should be silenced. It leaves no room for discussion or consideration for the issue at hand. Whatever happened to hear people out and freedom to think/say what is on our minds? Obviously, the new media has shaped how we view inappropriate behavior within society. Freedom of speech seems like something of the past, I believe we can attribute this to the media of the 21st century. This course has been eye-opening to the massive effects that social media has within our culture. 

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