Economics Chapter 27 Assignment Name: ID: Assignment :Topic- Suppose an economy has an inflationary gap. How does the government’s actual budget deficit

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Assignment :Topic- Suppose an economy has an inflationary gap. How does the government’s actual budget deficit or surplus compare to the deficit or surplus it would have at potential output?

Objective: Students are prepare a 2 page written report on the topic. The project should include the following things:

1. Paper length

a. Project should have a title list on first page font size not greater than 16.

b. Header and footer should include student name, title of paper and page number

c. Project should be two (2) typed pages double spaced, font size 12 in a readable font style like Times New Roman or Arial.

d. Paper bibliography and body should follow the APA/MLS style of writing

e. Paper should include a bibliography page with materials cited on that page and in body of paper.

2. Paper should be clear of grammatical errors and contain proper pronunciation.



4 (excellent)

3 (good)

2 (Fair)

1 (Unsatisfactory)

Analysis of the issues (W)

Insightful and thorough analysis of all the issues

Thorough analysis of most of the issues

Superficial analysis of the issues

Incomplete analysis of the issues

Writing Skills (Grammar, punctuation, and spelling)

Writing is totally free of errors

There are occasional errors

There are more than occasional errors.

Errors are frequent.

Layout (Headings, font, spacing, page numbers, title page, contents, appendix, footnotes)(W&P)

Format is visually appealing and the majority of instructor guidelines were followed. (MLS/APA)

Format is appropriate and follows guidelines established by instructor(MLS/APA)

Format requires some improvement. Some instructions were followed (MLS/APA)

Format makes paper difficult to read. Does not follow any conventional standard.

Clarity of Expression(W&P)

Clearly, concisely and accurately expresses circumstances, ideas and concepts in writing and in presentation

Circumstances, ideas and concepts are understandable in writing and in presentation

Some concepts are expressed in a way that is difficult to understand in writing and in presentation

Many of the paragraphs are difficult to understand and poor communication in presentation

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