Due Tomorrow …. Fix Attachment this assignment is due tomorrow Open the first attachment called Climax Movie The second attachment has instructions.

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this assignment is due tomorrow 

Open the first attachment called Climax Movie 

The second attachment has instructions. Scroll to assignment and requirements 

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Richard Lara

Professor Fagundes

English 100

2 March 2022

Climax (2018) is a psychological horror film that was directed and written by Gaspar Noe. The film is about a dance troupe that organizes a party, but it does not end well. The dancers are confused and agitated. They turn on each other as they are wracked by paranoia and hallucinations. The film Climax (2018) teaches that individuals should not have fear or insecurities as they can make them not realize their dreams, reduce their ability to compete, and lower their level of self-confidence.

The film teaches people not to have fear or insecurities. The dancers in the film are young and ambitious. They are also ready to become famous. Most of the dancers seem to have gone through difficult life experiences. They use dance as a way to escape life struggles. The dancers conduct an interview to be included in the dance troupe (Burton et al., 2021). They explain their biggest fears, hopes, and passions. The biggest fears that the dancers describe show that one should not have such fears. They show that individuals might sometimes be unable to achieve their dreams due to fears.

The film shows that having insecurities makes people unable to realize their dreams. In the film, some dancers would like to create art. They have big dreams, but they still have insecurities. Some of the dancers have insecurities about their ability to achieve their dreams (Malekpour, 2021). The insecurities harm the dreams of the dancers. Some dancers are unable to achieve their dreams eventually because of insecurities.

The dancers show that there is something that is holding them back during the one-on-one interactions. Some explain that they fear becoming mothers. Others explain that they have intrusive family members. The fear of becoming mothers limits the ability of the dancers to succeed in their careers. Others have a pressure to show masculinity (Carter, 2019). There is pressure from peers to be masculine. They fear being viewed as weak or not masculine enough. This affects their level of energy towards their careers.

Some members of the dance troupe lack confidence, and this harms their ability to realize their dreams. They suffer from motivational loss. Some members do not seem to be comfortable when they are dancing (Burton et al., 2021). They seem to be stressed and lacking in motivation. Some of the dancers might eventually fail because they are not willing to work.

It is difficult to achieve the objectives and goals of the dancers without confidence. Some of the dancers do not seem to have positive conclusions about themselves. The way they explain their life experience tells them that they are desperate and feel worthless (Malekpour, 2021). They do not have confidence in their ability to succeed. Lack of confidence makes the dancers feel very exhausted. The dancers also fail to achieve the goals and objectives of the company.

The interviews show that some individuals are not open to criticism. The dancers do not want to accept criticisms about themselves. They want individuals that praise them for their good work. However, they have potential areas for improvement. The inability to accept criticism reduces the level of motivation among the dancers. Their work rate also reduces (Carter, 2019). This is seen during their rehearsals. Some of the dancers do not work hard during the rehearsals because they take criticism personally.

The dancers that lack self-confidence are unable to take risks. They do not take responsibility as they fear that they might not be able to perform various tasks. The dancers avoid taking risks that might help them develop their careers. They lose opportunities for dancing because of their lack of self-confidence and the inability to take risks.

Members of the dancing troupe have barricades that prevent them from showing their art to the world. They seem to have problems with their friendships due to their lack of self-confidence. The dancers have problems with their friendships as they get confused and agitated during the party. One of the dancers is accused of making the drink that has a hallucinogen (Malekpour, 2021). The fact that the dancers doubt one of them shows that they have problems with their friendship. This is a sign of a lack of self-confidence, and it limits their ability to achieve their dreams.

The low confidence in the dancers makes them vulnerable to drug abuse. During the party, the dancers abuse various drugs such as cocaine and LSD. They also drink alcohol. The after-party shows that the dancers do not have confidence as they consume various drugs to feel more confident about themselves. They are adversely affected by the drugs. One of the dancers punches and slashes herself using a knife. The group of dancers encourages her to commit suicide (Burton et al., 2021). Abusing drugs adversely affects the ability of the group to achieve their dreams. The party ends badly as some of the dancers have injuries due to drug abuse. They might not be able to continue practicing due to the injuries they get during the party.

The dancers assault one another physically. Others engage in self-harm. The dancers are unable to achieve their dreams as they suffer from drug-induced psychosis. Police arrive at the scene of the party the next morning and find the dancers either dead or unconscious. Some of the dancers are frozen to death as others kill themselves. Even though the film starts well with the members of the dance troupe having their dreams, it ends badly as the members suffer from various injuries.

It is difficult to achieve one’s dreams when one has fear and insecurities. When one has fear, they tend to lose their self-confidence. Lack of self-confidence makes people engage in activities such as drug abuse. Engaging in drug abuse can prevent people from achieving their dreams. Individuals are unlikely to compete when they have fear or insecurities. The dancers in the Climax film did not compete well as they had insecurities. They might not believe that they will achieve their dreams. It is easy for one to be swayed away from their life goals or dreams when they do not have self-confidence.


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